This is why!!!

This is why i can’t date black girls…she’s the reason…

Fucking Dumb.

This is why I’m hot?

I’m hot cuz I’m fly

you ain’t cuz you not

I can make a mill sayin nuttin on these tracks.

i’d like to date a black girl before i die.


U would need one of those oreo type black girls A.J. otherwise you would die. Dating black women isnt that serious, you would be surprised how easy they can be, you just cant be one of those line steppers. If you are, well, grab your ear plugs!

“line steppers”?


Black girls I’m willing to wife/impregnate! In no real order just when they come to mind.

Kelly Rowland
Esther Baxter
Alicia Keys
Halle Berry
LeToya Luckett
Gabrielle Union
Denyce Lawton
Christina Milian
Tatyana Ali
Meagan Good
The main girl from Young Buck’s new video

Can’t think of anymore right now heh.

rosario dawson.

act like you know.

Alicia Keys and Stacy Dash are seriously the finest women ever created, regardless of race. They are hot, like fire.

^Black Power!

Oh yeah can’t forget my current crush, Lauren London. The bombest dimples ever. Google her now!

Meagan Good, aww man.

Wow Stacey Dash, she’s disappeared. I used to think she was so bomb back in the day but I have no idea what she looks like now. Rashida Jones from The Office is cute, she’s half-black, daughter of Quincy Jones.

I thought Rosario Dawson was hispanic, at least she looks like she is.

You’d fuck a dead girl? Gross, Deezo.

She’s dead? We’re talking about Ashley from Fresh Prince here. Not Aaliyah who clocked on R. Kelly’s dick to get a contract when she was 13. If Tatyana M. Ali is dead, it’s a shame.

Yeah dude, she died like…years and years ago…like right when the first doctor doolittle came out…so like…98-99.

She died in a plane crash yo.

Aaliyah was married to R. Kelly at the age of 14 (later annulled by the courts due to her age) before getting a recording contract. She would go on to star in Romeo Must Die, and died in a plane crash after filming a music video near Florida.

Tatyana M. Ali was on Fresh Prince as the youngest daughter, Ashley. She later had a joke of a recording career, and is now a B List actress. Still cute though, and working. And alive, which puts her above Aaliyah in my book.

Could swore that bitch was dead…=\

Wishful thinking?

Not. She’s too hot.

what, you guys dont like salt and peppa???

~Ahh…push it, pu pu push it real good~~~~