This isn't going to happen either

I was online (via AIM) with Digimonemporer aka Webster Snow Jr. And he forwarded me this message he sent to someone else on facebook. I really don’t like him anyways, so I pretended to agree with all the bullshit he was saying. I mean c’mon, NO ONE DISRESPECTS MY SRK FAMILY AND THE AWESOME MOST L33TN33$ THAT IS SSF4.

I love that game: more than Triforce loves to pet wet pussy while having his manhood swing in the breeze that is the flow of cyber love making.


Well he’s said message:

Note: this is unedited. Sucks the bastard can’t spell worth a shit. :lol: You might have to play “Match Game (80’s game show)” or “Password (70’s game show)” on this one folks.

Wether if you’re right or wrong Webster, I am putting you on blast. Cuz NO ONE, and I mean…NO ONE, DISRESPECTS MY SRK FAMILY!!!

Our game, SSF4, is the very best the world has to offer. No game can compare (yeah I said it)! So if you don’t like it…then go strip at a “I GIVE A FUCK” dance club or some shit.

P.S: FUCK SNK!!! We’re not gonna respect fighting games that are really good. And can be equally as competitive in this country as SF. We’re Americans! Fuck variety, making another scenes that aren’t SSF4, or giving a fuck in general. :annoy:

i liek snk cuz mai’s boobs jiggle in kof

loads ssf4


You’re not allowed to post other peoples’ messages publicly on SRK forums.

Play VF.

People who don’t like 3s just don’t know how to parry

Well, so much for challenging him in Kizuna Encounter.

So he messages you in confidentiality about the two-faced characters in the scene and why hes quitting. Then you post it on SRK?

EDIT: No ma’am.

I hate Chun, Yun and Ken

Even if the author said it was fine?

What is Raging Storm?

DG’s SNK tournament.

The levels of cool story bro are astounding

Good riddance, that guy always posted in novella form and sounded like a 15 year old.

OP sounds like a dipshit too tho.

That’s like saying people who don’t like SF4 just don’t know how to DP.