This kid got pipes


Kinda weird out @ first but he can really sing. Can’t judge a voice by the owner’s face.
Matter of time before he gets groupies.

how old is that kid? his parents better milk him for all he’s worth before his balls drop.

That guy had some great singing, but wasn’t there another person who looked weird, but can sing good?

Yo…that shit is BANANAS. I almost got the shudders and shit only Whitney can do that…>_>

Not sure 'bout his age, but if Susan Boyle’s an indicator, he is gonna get some limelight. Found it out on yahoo news.

Nano~ you’re thinking about Meatloaf, “I’ll do anything for love” ROCKS. Ugly muther tho.

Ugly dudes who can sing get hot chicks

Ugly chicks who can sing get nothing and have to marry their stepfather like Celine Dion.

My sister showed me this and all I have to say is…

Taiwanese represent!

I paused it at 0:12. Then I started laughing.

That was ten minutes ago. Fat asian kids are hilarious to look at.

That haircut is the funniest thing about the guy. Hardcore bowl cut.

Hes amazingly accurate though to the original version of the song/

good singer, no style

That is the bowliest bowl cut I have ever seen, but hell if Bowl Cut Boy didn’t do the damn thing. Castrati notes, diva hand and all. :rofl:

wow o.O thats some crazy Ish, this kids got it down still :rock: on motherf***** :wgrin:

Kid definitely got it down for sure, much props… And for some reason, it also reminded me of Nick Pitera. [media=youtube]t9-CS2v8wcc[/media]

this is some pipes

Say no to castratii. Pretty amazing falsetto, though. Hopefully he maintains it when he goes through puberty.

when he hit the high note I fucking ashed all my self, THANKS A LOT, DICK.

Not that this needed it’s own thread but maybe it would be better in the video section with it being youtube and all. Well atleast it isn’t just a single picture of a random black guy ppl saying “lol it are Balrog!!!”. That reminds me…

I think I saw from an article last night that he was 23.

Ninja edit: fuck I can’t find it.


:rofl: That made my fking morning. That was some intense fyre!

I saw this shit on Break last night.

He can definitely sing…but I just thought it was funny he could nearly replicate Whitney Houston’s voice.