This kinda sucks. First G1 tourney win is due to lag -_-?

just got back to sf4 after my vacation. Without playing this game for 3 months, all of sudden I feel like I got better perspective on it. I am a bit better on the spacing, a bit on the footsie etc.

Looking at my gp, a 7.5k i wondered how i poked my way to this point back then even though I lost more than half of my fight lol.

I started the grind again last friday and got to g1 this friday. I really like this level of play, it forces me to react better at cross ups, footsies and forced me not to whip out ultra anytime i think i got a good feeling.

However I really thought i would have a long way to go to win a g1 tourney. Sure I can win up to semi final or finals but people who made to the final at least knows their characters somewhat well.

My first roadblock this tourney was a 68k gp blanka who previously beat me in semi-final battle. I felt i needed to take it up a notch. First fight I actually dodged his ultra, and landed mine and won the fight with a really healthy margin. second fight he stood still. I thought he either wasn’t there (but why!) or was about to dc, so I started to pound really hard. He came back when I was delivering my final blow. Yes I did pass to final, but I knew I wouldn’t probably have done so if I didn’t have second round for free. IT is already tainted! Then after waiting for my final fight for a good 6 mins. I accepted a 2 bar player’s fight request. It was an Abel player and seems like he was off beat the first round. When second round rolled around I just lost every guess and fight in footsie and he was much more aggressive. When the final came around, he somehow took a step back and didn’t do what worked in the second round whcih was being aggressive. I figured it is most likely the lag that made his moves disconnecting. I almost felt bad about the situation. But i can’t just let myself lose! lol! oh well I hope i can refresh my own replay in the future with a legit tourney.