This lobbying bs gotta stop (net neutrality fail)

This shit makes me sick.:bluu:

What’s the point of having goddamn politicians if they all get paid off and do whatever the fuck the big corporations want. Biggest disappointment (for me anyway) from the Obama administration.:tdown:

Corporations dictate the government. Sad…

Internet will just become the new cable TV at this rate.

roll on the Glenn Beck internet browser, Glenn tells you what you should be searching for.

Phase two will consist of rising internet connection charges with limited access to the internet.

But seriously this is just one more example of how the government as a whole really could care less about you…

Does this really come as a shock to anyone? Do you really believe that any company, regardless of what they do, would relinquish any form of power and limit their options in the future? Obviously they’ll fight tooth and nail to maintain and increase their control and they will win.

As for politicians bowing down to them… this is also neither new nor unexpected. It’s just how governments work. These diehards fighting for the good of the people in situations like this are cute but ultimately bound to fail. There’s simply no reason why guys like Genachowski would side with them instead of the wealthy, powerful, and influential companies. As my boy GC once said, “the game is rigged.”

I don’t think anyone is surprised by that as much as they are surprised that something like the internet is going to be “limited”. Especially after people complained about how Communist China is wrong for their heavily regulated version of the internet.

This really does play into the conspiracy theories.

They could? That’s reassuring.

And the sad thing is most people probably won’t give a flying **** until their favourite site goes down or is running ridiculously slow and by then it’ll already be too late.

No whats more sad is most people won’t even know about this until it happens.

It might get a few seconds between more important stories like what Kate Gosselin is doing…

Record unemployment, healthcare reform, massive flooding in Tennessee, businesses shutting down left and right, the bailout tax, multiple attempted terrorist attacks in the last week, a colossal oil spill, Iran acquiring nukes, rising healthcare costs, gas prices once again approaching $4.00 a gallon…

Why was Congress talking about net neutrality, exactly?

Because you could be left with no access to SRK for trolling.

Yeah it’s like how the news completely ignored the digital economy bill over here (gving the government the right to block sites and cut internet connections of people suspected of file sharing with no proof), a campain group even bought a whole page advert in several newspapers to combat it but we got no coverage aside from computer/political magazines/sites and only 20,000 people contacted their mps about it.

Sadly unless it’s about something reletively simple like picking a side in an election no-one seems to want to know until it bites them in the ass and since that’s the case, no-one wants to report it either.

…My God…

Genachowski changed position:

The Doomsday clock has returned to six minutes to midnight.

So which one is worse, government regulated internet or corporation regulated internet? This is basically the arguement now because the greedy people couldn’t leave internet access alone. Are we going to hand over our internet useage rights to the government or corporations?

I say we hand it over to the corporations with laws that do not allow them to block anything.


So about a month ago, the FCC decided to reclassify broadband internet to sidestep the federal court giving the ISPs complete control.

Good move, but now the govt is trying to step in, which brings me back to the thread title… This lobbying bs gotta stop. If the FCC is trying to reclassify broadband to keep it neutral, wtf is the govt. getting in the fucking way?

With the way these huge ISPs throw their weight (read: money) around, I don’t see this ending well. Do these greedy motherfuckers even think of the amount of jobs that will be lost if internet access gets tiered the way tv does?

It’s couldn’t care less. Fuck it’s not that hard.

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