This makes me feel old but proud I guess?

Ive been here longer than the age of most of he users who now use these forums. And I am still active trying to help and tutor the new incoming gamers. Literally 46% of my life I have been on SRK. Anyone else in the 10+ year club still active?

You’re not special, sir.

EDIT: I am back and forth in the scene. I just recently stopped going to events, tired of the travel and video games. I have other things to worry about besides staying good at fighting games.

I wanted to start a grammar thread here, but that didn’t go over well with the mods so I didn’t. I just troll now.

Lol, reminds me how hard it was to stop lurking and actually get a profile of my own.

Makes me sad lol


Still helping niggas.

bring dogface back pls


Still here, still standing, and of course, still posting.



if over 10 years it should say " Joined: 10 years ago but never grew up "

remember karma? yea thank god they got rid of that

But sadly, no longer shaking it.

Thanks vanilla.

You’ve been putting up with SRK trolls for 12 years?

You’re either very dedicated or masochistic.

Your post count compared to mine also makes me sad

Remember those green and red rating bars that Srk use to have. Those rating bars was a power trip to some member around here.

Another one of these threads? Well, here I am. Bow suckas.

Damn it i have been bested sir.

well i lurked 4 13 yrs b4 i made account

How have you been here for so long yet have less than 1000 posts? That’s quite some lurking.


this was a great community, but its kinda inactive now and not as lulzy as it used to be. I also never go to FGD now which is sad. there was lots of good drama there but now I dont even keep up with it.

Hell to the yeah. glowing brofist

do the post counts keep track of all the times the forum dbs got wiped out? cause i know i had over 10k at one point, i had gotten my first galaga ship