This may be a silly question, but


Why is there all this “ST vs HDR” rubbish? Given HDR includes Classic mode, and as such people can play which version they like, why does HDR cop flack? Oh, and please don’t turn this into yet another “ST vs HDR” thread, my question is fairly simple.



Basically it boils down to the backgrounds being different in Classic mode than original ST. Which is not a big deal to me, being a ST fan before HDR. There’s also the sprites being slightly blurry on HD monitor, but looks great on CRT, also a couple of frames of input delay, but not a big deal IMO.


this thread should be deleted, quickly. you’re opening a big can of worms pal, i don’t know how you can’t see that.


My bet is that the train wrecks on post #10.

The reason why I don’t play classic mode via HDR is because of the background. Plain and simple. Yes you can use HD sprites instead but my brain’s pretty hard wired to remember HDR inputs when I see them. Sure if I wanted to I could put in time to get used to it but why would I when I have regulart ST right there on my PC and when I prefer the old graphics anyway?


Why do we not have a popcorn smiley ?

Inb4: Papasi and VF4.


Any discussion would be a cut and paste job at this point.


And that’s the truth brudduh.


We do.


As stated, I didn’t want an “ST vs HDR” battle and I’m glad people have opted out of it, it’s not what I was looking for. The answer appears to be primarily that you can’t change the background to non HD. I just wanted to check there wasn’t something I was missing.


honestly i was wondering the same thing. supposedly there is less lag with ggpo/supercade than there is with remix classic mode. i’m having a tough time with windows 7 and ggpo/supercade and i can eliminate akuma players with remix classic. if there is more lag with remix classic mode, no need to debate any further…