This may sound scrubby but I need a move list

I’m trying to learn characters like alex and elena and I forget some of their moves. So if they go “ex slap” or something I don’t know which one it is. Could someone link me to a move list site please? Thanks :tup:

there’s like 5 fucking moves for every character.


Just got finished readin the Bad Games thread for SFAC Live and I had a few laughs which put me in a good mood so here.

After you read the moves i’d suggest not reading the actual tactics and combos since alot of the shit is outdated for all your movelist needs.

Click on the first movelist by Kao Megura.

thanks a bunch guys

yeah Gamefaqs is only good for basics and codes

true, and occassionally there’s a nugget or two of actual strats… Not very often though…

Or…you can just buy the SFAC guide by BradyGames.

Definitely one of the best fighting game strategy guides i’ve ever seen.
Every character is written and disected into much strategic detail. It’s amazing.
I highly recommend getting that, if you need something in front of you and don’t feel like printing out an FAQ.

it’s a guide that costs $20 for a game that costs $25 used.

If you just want a move-list, thats a huge waste of money.

Only if you don’t know where to look for it. I got mine for $10 at Ebay, and that’s including shipping costs. But yeah, if he only wants a movelist, GameFaqs would be the best (and free) option.

Holler at the instruction manual.

i got a new copy for $11 (shipping included) on ebay…ain’t no way i’m paying $20 for the book.

Somehow, GameFAQs is the best answer to this question…:razzy: