This needs front page




A remember seeing that a few weeks back. He made some good points, but to each its own.


This guy has to be the biggest hack in gaming journalism.


Agreed, I find half of what he does an embarrassment. Most of the rest is just plain trashy.


This dude was funny but real shit he’s right


Dude has the opinions of a spoiled pre teen girl.


He has a right to his opinion, and he is making some solid points if you drop your pro capcom blinders for a second. The yelling comes off as pretty phony to me and annoying.


No not really, he just comes off as a spoiled whiny bitch who needs to go outside more.

Y’all are acting like this is the first time DLC has been on a disc, even if it weren’t we don’t have any right to it, we bought a product knowing what was up with it and now everyone wants to act like retards.


I stopped listening as soon as he started yelling about characters being on the disc. He, um, didn’t pay for them and that’s pretty much the end of that argument. He’s not paying for them twice; he paid for the 38 characters unlocked already.
People need to understand that if the bytes being on the disc somehow entitled people to them, then Capcom wouldn’t put them on the disc.

That yelling is obnoxious, as well.


Oh, look at all the Capcom apologists coming out of the woodwork again.
Face it, you buy a disc, and you buy everything on the disc. Disc-locked content should be illegal and is just plain wrong.


I honestly can’t understand why you guys care about this so much. Is it because you are all kids and don’t work (or old and don’t work :rofl:)?

Why can’t a company make money off of selling products that people want. I would charge you guys even more for characters if it was up to me. You are completely obsessed with them.


Yeah…sure…gaming journalism…


This doesn’t need a thread, though.