This (no homo) thing has got to stop

because, in fact, it is the gayest corn-hole-stuffing sh%t I have seen since Alpha 1 hit the arcades.

What the f$ck is wrong with you people, where you can’t use a word like ‘love’, ‘beautiful’, etc. in a sentence without the obligatory ‘(no homo)’??? And the worst peter puffers among you use it like so much thrown out garbage - even the mere mention of words such as ‘joystick’ compel you to remind the random internet stranger that you are not, in fact, h*omosexual.

“I so want that TE joystick (no homo LOL) because it is so beautiful (no homo)”.*

Are you so incredibly insecure about your sexuality that you have to remind random strangers on the internet that you don’t entertain same-sex homo-erotic interests anytime you use an adjective that JUST MIGHT POSSIBLY be construed as something sexual?

Listen, if you have to tell people at every opportunity that you’re not homosexual, it means, likely, that you are. It’s akin to the famous Shakespeare phrase, “Methinks thou doth protest too much.”

And anyway, who the christ cares if you are a homo? Bang a dude if you want. Who fucking cares? It’s 2009, not 1950, and nobody gives two shits anymore. Get over it. Grow up. Screw whoever you like. Half of you have never kissed a girl, anyway, and jack off to anime sex. You might as well kiss a guy if that’s the only action you can get.

Jesus H. Christ. We had a lot of dumb fads when I was a kid. But this has taken dumb fads to a whole new level of dumb. The short bus is too long for how retarded this is. Put it on the retard rickshaw and be done with it, you fairy queen pussy girl boys.

EDIT: this is probably mis-categorized but it just pisses me off that every time I click a stick thread I see people saying crap like “wow, I love your joystick (no homo).” Ugh, let it die die die.

Or maybe everything you just said is BS and it’s something known as a joke.

No homo??

I love you jcasetnl (no homo)

Yes homo.


Oh I see. It’s a joke.

Wow. And that makes it about 50x lamer. Recycling something that wasn’t funny in the first place.

I guess it means the person who uses it is the big joke.

How is it a joke? A joke is usually funny. saying “no homo” after every damn sentence is not funny. It’s actually quite sad and pathetic.

The real joke was that he managed to post this in tech talk :rolleyes:

01 member should know where to post a thread like this.

ALL homo.

WTF…I JUST saw this thread in GD.

Yeah, i saw it too…no homo

Probably mis-categorized it, but I’m sick of seeing threads particularly in Tech Talk joystick threads with “wow your stick is beautiful (no homo).”

a no homo thread in tech talk:looney:

to the op, get the fuck over it. you say everyone has issues if they use the phrase, but if it really bothers you that much, then you got some issues. I hate the word pwn, but i dont make idiotic threads about it. It’s their choice and their lingo if they wanna use it, whoopdefuckingdoo. and good shit posting this in tech talk… wow.

bottom line is, get over it and stop whining.