This or the ipod touch?
This thing looks like the same thing only with a bigger screen.
What’s better?

The strong point of Archos machines has always been their capability to record videos on the go, not just playing them. This is also why I love my AV700. All newer models don’t center around recording anymore, but they still can record video on the go (usually with some addittions, like a recording pod). That is, in my eyes, still Archos products’ greatest asset/advantage and in fact, I assume, what really made them jump out of the crowd. But obviously, if you’re not looking to record matches/TV channels, there’s a zillion portable video players out there.

You really can’t go wrong either way. The touch most likely will have better homebrew thanks to the die hard apple fanbase.

i dont know what “this” is

but ill vote it over the touch

Tough one but I would go with the Archos.

i’d say the archos, iPods are kind of annoying, and having to use apples proprietary software is a big minus.

Honestly? The IPod touch due to the fact that it uses flash memory instead of a hard drive (which I believe the archos devices still use). Flash memory is more durable and WAY more stable than a conventional hard drive. While most hard drives are rated to last about 5 years, new flash memory has been projected to be usable for 20+ years, and it has a lot lower failure rate.

And, flash memory = much faster, speed ++!

Says in the site he linked that the archos does use flash memory…

it says you can get a flash model, with 4 gB…

ipod touch i believe has 8 and 16 gB models.

i’d go for the archos, i like flash players so i don’t have to get a separate player for running, but you can get far more disk space for the archos and for a portable media player, you’re gonna want that…video takes up a lot of space

edit:check out’s video review for it

i own an Archos AV500 and i love it. It plays both divx and xvid so all i have to do is drag and drop the files onto it. No reencoding. Its also a portable DVR. The picture is bright and crisp also.

So your all voting for the Archos? Is there any thing that the ipod touch has over the Archos? Besides size and style. I want something that will play music, videos, and the Internet. Is there anything better than these two things?

Better than those 2? A laptop.

I have an Archos and an IPod, I just find the Ipod to be more portable all around and its nice to have it Sync all of my podcasts when I plug it into my PC. I can stick my IPod in my pocket and forget about it unless I have the time to watch something, but my archos is too big to just fit in my pocket.

They both have their good and their bad, archos has lots of 3rd party development including custom OS’s, games, codecs, etc while the IPod doesn’t have that kind of community.

Last question: What’s better the Archos’ Adobe Flash enable opera browser or the ipod’s safari browser? And by how much?

Do any of the Archos models support MKV and OGM video files with subtitles either out of the box or though homebrew?

As far as homebrew on the newer iPods is concerned, I was reading around in the Rockbox forums and they’re pretty much saying that since Apple started to encrypt their firmware they do not expect to see anything on the new models any time soon, if ever. It took them long enough to get Rockbox to work in the 5.5 models without the encryption problem…