This...or this?

I’m torn. >_>;;




I really appreciate any help. ^^;;

I hear the bottom one is made of metal. =)

well if u get the top one, the display will tell u if someone hit ur car…

Actually it displays your weight when you stand on it.

i think it’s for programing special moves as a one button command.

Or is it a GPS system?

It takes your temp. Just don’t ask where you have to stick it…

Well it depends on what you plan on doing with them.

If you just want a case so that you can mod, go for the one that is the most mod friendly.
If you dont care about the extra work that goes into modding it, go for the cheaper one.

What if you don’t plan on modding? I hear the top one has an optical stick - is that bad?

its a sanwa flash clone. Its rare and you should probably keep it.

Oh? That’s cool - but does it play better than the Hori?

Damn, arcade sticks are damn expensive right now! Freakin’ SF4!

You gotta be able to find a Hori Tekken 10th Anniversary stick for less than the Hori in that auction is going for tho, right? I paid $30 new for mine not too long ago, and it included Tekken 5!

Oh and as for your question, they’re both decent sticks but the ASCII one is too fancy for me, go for the Hori… even tho at that price I’d pass.

Well, I’m leaning towards the Hori, with its metal body (too bad it’s overpriced.) Anyone have any input on this one?

I checked out Tekken sticks on ebay too - they’re not too cheap either. ;_;

hahaha… nice…

i would take the ascii…

looks better imo and is almost twice cheaper

I had that Hori back in '97, it’s a decent stick but mine wore out kinda fast. Bear in mine it’s an old stick before spending any money on it.

Yeah - but I think the seller says this one has never been used. The ASCII is from some guy in Italy and he has almost no info on it. >_>

The top one hands down, it’s super rare with an optical stick (similar to the sanwa flash sticks back in the day). I have the DC brother of that stick and it’s awesome

i lol’d