This PCB only allows 2 simultaneous inputs


I built a stickless the other day on a N52te PCB. Instead of soldering to the board like a pad hack the IDE ribbon was available and I wired directly to that. I build it similar to mame controllers people rig up from IDE connectors and Keyboard PCB.

I have 9 buttons wired to the primary board and my directional wired to the pad ribbon, it all tested fine in note pad then when I get in game I can’t execute more than two simultaneous inputs.

Is there any work around for this problem or does this sound like a limitation of the board?


I am believing this is the limitation of the board.
The N52te is designed as a 2nd keyboard not a actual game pad. Keyboards often have a limitation on how many simultaneous keys that could be pressed at one time. The Limit depending on the keyboard’s encoder can be 2 to near infinite (all keys pressed). The max a USB keyboard can register at one time is 6 keys plus all 4 modifiers, a ps/2 keyboard (uses a din connector) can support more depending on the encoder. This is known as Key Rollover.

My suggestion is to get a cthulhu insted


This was more of a weekend wanting to try it out with spare parts kind of project as opposed to spend any money, only $29 was a nice surprise however.

So my hopes were raised since you can map digital pad inputs in the N52te software but when doing this it actually dropped the available simultaneous inputs to one. >:(

Oddly I think if SF4AE allowed you to control with a virtual hid & Keyboard simultaneously it would of worked however but it doesn’t.

Does the cthulu use a separate firmware for PC use or is it just the PS3 firmware on PC? I hear PS3 pads on PC are buggy at best.

Stay away from this board for sticks imo, it looks easy & versatile for a PC build but it’s a failure with input limitations.


Cthulhu != PS3 pads. It’s the same firmware, but its a rock solid firmware, on PC and PS3.
(Naturally, I might be biased, but that opinion is based on 2+ years of in the field use)


Toodles if you are bias, then you aren’t alone in that opinion

I prefer Cthulhu boards for PC use. Lets leave the keyboard encoder based joystick for back in the day m.a.m.e use.

As modern action/ arcade/ fighting games and emulators on the PC accepts game controllers as inputs, and HID game controllers are awesome.