This pisses me off so bad

Ok, I am so fucking pissed right now. I went out last night and met this hot black guy and decided to suck him off. And… you won’t believe this shit. Did you know despite being the color of chocolate, black men don’t cum chocolate milk? Seriously, I took all his nut in my damn mouth and not a single drop tasted or looked anything like chocolate! Such fucking bullshit I swear. I am NEVER sucking off a black guy again, talk about fuckin false advertising-_-

Never ate one of these have you? Oh wait, you just said you did.

I expected fucking chocolate, I did NOT get what was being advertised. I ate all that nut for nothing.

This thread.

oh that’s real nasty man

Badly! It pisses you off badly. Not bad. Adverbs mother fucker.

Damn, it must suck to be you. Next time you have to remember to bring the chocolate syrup to add. You know, cupless chocolate milk.

should of just rammed your thumb up his butthole and get a tootsie roll.

I shouldn’t have to do shit, it’s false advertising. If you have a chocolate colored dick, I expect it to taste like chocolate and jizz chocolate. How would you feel if you bought a chocolate candy bar and it tasted nothing like chocolate?

Ugh it fucking happened again! I went out to give it the ol college try again, and guess what? No chocolate. Black men are so fucking overrated, I swear to god. “Sexy ass chocolate” my ass. How the fuck you gonna call yourself a “fine chocolate brutha” when you don’t even cum chocolate?

So, we are for sure off to a God start.


this is lame

obv that black guy was defective. most black guys i suck off be straight Godiva- cept that one time i got pistachio in my eye, but i think that dude had an STD

Oh, this thread again… :coffee:


ever heard about white chocolate? stay free

Take it away guys.

Thread of the year so far.

Should I Google ‘chocolate cum’?

Is that a good idea guys?

Yes and report your findings.