This place[CFE] should be A3

Anyone else feel this place should be used for A3 instead?

With Alpha Anthology on the way, hell yeah.

I suppose… although, CFE is still a good game. I think the CFE thread needs to be done like all the other game threads (like 3S, CvS2, MvC2), instead of having character links in a totally different area.

I just don’t see the point in having it when one thread alone in others would be more than enough for the game.

The only reason that’s really true is because people have decided the game is bad, and don’t explore it. We’re only a group of four or five guys here; we can’t figure out EVERYTHING by ourselves.

This game has evolved a lot more than people care to notice, and that’s a big deal. Just look at any thread about this game in the main thread; almost none of their reasons for disliking the game hold water, considering the qualities of more popular games they probably play. Let’s look at a few:

Small Cast (21 characters) - Oh, as opposed to what popular games? Street Fighter 2 and its 16 characters? Street Fighter 3 and its 19 characters? MvC2 and it’s like…8 usable characters? Guilty Gear has some 20-22 playable characters, and people love the shit out of that game. The small cast just bothers them because people thought for some reason it was gonna have a huge cast (even though the website said for a long time that it’d just be four characters from each game…)

Rehashed Graphics - I guess if that bothers you, you wouldn’t play a LOT of Capcom fighters; but, people do, and for some reason this game takes the brunt end of the insult nowadays…

Rehashed ‘mugen’ characters - Right. Cos Jedah has air chains in Vampire Savior, right? He’s top tier in that game! I forgot about those 90-100% damage combos that Yun and Alex had; it’s a wonder why people use Genei Jin instead of You Hou! Zangief ALWAYS had outrageous SPD range and amazing Banishing Punch ticks to boot, yep. Let’s not forget Guy, whose game in Alpha 3 DIDN’T revolve around landing outrageous Final Fight combo juggles. Sho-Sho is still your personal jesus in CFE, right? Ingrid, Hauzer, and Hydron MUST have been rehashed from something, despite never being playable in any game in any form. The rest of Red Earth? Oh, that game is SO played the fuck out. Forget it, I don’t even wanna use them anymore. There are a million other things; practically no character plays the same as they did from their original games. But it’d be ridiculous to point them all out.

Horrible misconceptions about tier disparities - People still say “SBO 3 proved that Anakaris rules the game.” I bet those same people think that Hauzer is still complete utter shit and bottom tier. Little do they know that Anakaris is very beatable, and Hauzer is just frickin’ amazing. People win tourneys with Hauzer as their main! But everyone who stopped playing the game a month after it came out decided that the week 1 tiers were set in stone.

That’s just what I think. No one gave this game a chance, and they complain about things that are either NOT true at all, or were long known about the game before it came out (rehashed graphics, 4 characters from each game). This game would really go places if people played it…But instead, it’ll probly be replaced with A3 eventually. If that does happen, I hope at the very least that A3 makes a revival at major tournaments.

well said…

Err, Nool and Hauzer are from Warzard. :confused:

Nice post. That’s kind of what I was thinking.

i think skankin meant that they weren’t playable to 99% of the world until CFE. it’s a known fact that they come from Warzard.

I dont see why we dont have 1 for

other Marvel games
All SNK games

Yeah, Hauzer and Hydron weren’t playable characters in Red Earth, so in all technicality, they’re new characters.

i agree, CFE is underrated; it didn’t help that some well known players have bashed it before it even came to the US. I would like to play it but no one seems interested in developing CFE specific strats (yes they do exist)

funny how i came to this thread by accidentally picking this forum instead of the cvs2 forum. but still…i’d play CFE.

Great post Skankin Garbage. Sums up how I feel about CFE.

Jedah is not top-tier in Vampire Savior. His chains are slower and he can’t do an air-dash after a Dio-Cega in the air. His Nero Fatica is too slow with good range and has Sange-Passare but that’s not in CFE.

Hauzer has weakened since his Volcano Breath doesn’t create a towerful pillar of fire and his Tempest Fall doesn’t grab and throw afterwards. He is toned down with that in effect.

Exactly, though! That’s exactly what I’m saying! People say these characters are rehashed, but they play completely different! Jedah plays way different. Guy plays way different. Damn near EVERY character’s strategy revolves around completely different shit from their original games, but people still have the gall to say that this shit is rehashed.

Online I can defeat Jedah with my Chun-Li most of the time, but arguing with people that Chun-Li can beat Jedah is tough… they don’t base what they know on actually playing the game. Very glad psychochronic put down that Chun-Li can beat Jedah in his character breakdown faq (in the last link in my sig). Yes, a 'supposedly ‘Mid/Low’ Tier character can defeat a ‘supposedly’ God Tier one. Why? Because the balance for this game is actually really good and that’s why I play it a lot.

Oh well, I still remember around here when it was illegal to say you liked SF3 Third Strike and I rememeber back in the day if you said you liked CVS2 you got flamed to death here at SRK. I’ve always liked both games since they came out. I’m not saying that the general opinion on CFE will change but it’s always nice to run into people who like this game, makes it feel like I’m not insane or something…

As of April 12, I’m done the guide and I’m only gonna say this once is that I’m open for suggestions to add to the guide for you guys (please create another thread for this, don’t post it on this or another thread). Things like character combos and past character comparisons (eg. CFE Sakura to CvS2/SFA3 Sakura, CFE Ryu to ST Ryu) are good ideas.

I’m confused. :confused:


I had a “Why all the CFE hate” thread in the Fighting Game Discussion section, and yeah, I got a lot of this. And some neg rep. This is exactly why people say “Liek ZOMG, CFE is teh sux0rz!!!1 zoomj sauce plz” You’re so perfectly right on this.

Short Cast - So? As said before, 3rd Strike only had 19 characters. People play the shit out of that game…Game Of The Year at Evolution, tournaments every time a player turns around. Garou only had like, 12 characters or so, and people still play it and enjoy it. Power Instinct Matrimelee’s lineup was about the same size…and that game is the bomb!! Last Blade 2 had like 16-18 characters (can’t remember exactly) but people rave about that game every fucking day! Just to think, there’s more people playing 3s and Super Turbo than KOF and MvC2.

Rehashed Graphics - What the fuck are these people talking about? A3 rehashed the graphics of past Alpha games. 3s most likely rehashed the graphics of past editions of Street Fighter 3. It also appears that CvS2 rehashed some graphics from A3, and don’t even get me started on how they ripped the Morrigan sprite straight from DarkStalkers! MvC2 rehashed past Marvel/Capcom crossover games. And shit…what about SNK with their KOF series? They’ve been rehashing graphics for years! And still, whenever a KOF comes out, it gets played for extensive periods of time. Shit, what about every SamSho that comes out? Every Rage Of The Dragons? Riddle me that, bitches.

‘Mugen’ characters - Yeah…to think how broken Chun and Yun were in 3s. How Yun and Alex had the 90%-100% combos. Somebody actually said “Having Yun without Genei Jin is like having Ryu without a Shoryuken.” Why, because you can’t do your precious near-infinites anymore? Chun was top-tier in 3s, but she’s strictly mid-tier in here. And Jedah’s still top-tier in here, air chains or no. And god forbid all the fucking Sakura fanboys/fangirls who are coming to the conclusion that she sucks because she doesn’t have the Custom Combo infinite she had in CvS2. (to my knowledge, anyway) These people need to get the FUCK off of Shoryuken IMMEDIATELY, and get their sorry asses back to GameFAQs where they belong.

Horrible misconceptions about tier status - My thread actually got a response of “Anakaris rapes the game, that’s why there is hate”, and another one of “It’s basically a DarkStalkers/Red Earth rushdown fest” Jesus H. fucking Christ on a popsicle stick, these people have gotta be kidding me. Anakaris is, like, bottom tier. People complain all the time, “Jedah is fucking broken!” No. Morrigan in CvS2 is broken. DuoLon in KOF 2003 is broken. Jedah is top tier…but he IS still beatable.

Also, as someone on my side mentioned on my thread, “People get a game with only three shotos in it (Ryu, Demitri, Shin Akuma), and everyone either hates it or wants Ken in it” People were also bitching about the absence of Morrigan. The reason these two characters didn’t make the cut, was because they would have broken the game. Well, we all wish our fave characters were in it. I wish Q were in it. But it is “made with MUGEN”, right? Do me a favor, haters. Download MUGEN, and make your own version of CFE with all your favorite Capcom characters. Oh yeah, and try not to break the game. Nerf a few characters if you have to. Then put it up, and watch people say the same shit about your version of CFE that they said about the original. For example, if you put a Morrigan with slower recovery time, people will be all “liek OMFG you fux0red up teh M0rr1gan!! She 1s teh b0tt0m tierz0rs!!” Then you’ll know how us fans feel, and how Capcom feels.


Indeed. A lot of bad things people say about CFE are pretty lame. The way I see it, CFE isn’t a bad game but I’m pretty sure a lot of people were expecting something much bigger. They were expecting something like a CvS3 or a MvC3, then when they played the game they were dispointed.

Another thing that caused people to hate the game was Capcom’s misleading advertisement of the game. If you look on the back of the game box it says that every character plays “exactly” like in the original games. With that being said, I’m pretty sure there were people that were thinking that they would be able to Genei-Jin their way through with Yun or Spam fierces with Chun Li or even perform Bison’s stun infinite from SF2CE. When they realized they couldn’t abuse that kind of crap and that they would have to develop new strategies, they simply gave up on CFE and started criticizing the game.

The idea of having five different casts and each cast retaining the system from its original game it’s very good in theory. However, by restricting certain characters to certain systems some characters ended up being really good while some other characters ended up being not so good. Maybe if Capcom included the option of choosing which system players wanted for their characters (like the grooves in CvS2) or even make one system for everybody (like in MvC2 and NGBC) might had worked better.

Personally, I like CFE and I think it’s an underrated game. As much as I wanted Ken, Makoto, Sagat, Blanka and some other favorites in the game I think the characters Capcom put in the game were good choices. I wish people would at least try to understand the game and look for the good things the game has to offer instead of simply giving lame excuses for why they think the game is bad.

Oh yeah both SF3 Third Strike and CVS2 were heavily hated on around here back in the day when they first came out. Especially CVS2. MVC2 has always been worshipped though and still is.

:karate: Woah those are some nice pointers guys.:tup: :clap: :rock: :karate:
Though IMO there actually SHOULD be an Alpha 3 forum.