This really just happened to me

So, I’m at work… it’s around 3:40pm eastern time aka time to get some food. I work at a mall so my options are pretty much limited to the food court unless I want to drive around.

I end up going with Taco Bell… big mistake.

I order a steak quesadilla and a potato soft taco… the total ends up being around $5.01. Come to find out I don’t have a penny on me. This f*cker at the register refused to ring my order up because of a god damn penny!!! I was denied taco bell because of a penny…

So SRK, I ask… what would you have done in this situation?

I ended up going back to get the penny, but acted incredibly douchey towards the guy at the register second time around. It gave me a slight feeling of satisfaction, but I’m still kinda steamed because of the whole thing… c’mon man! It’s a god damn penny! >_<

edit: Before this, I forgot to mention the last two people I rung out were $.10 and a penny short on their total… and I let them slide… wtf karma!?

you did what…?

what you should have done was take your 5.00 elsewhere…or stooped to his level and paid entirely in pennies since he wanted to be so petty. if and only if his/her demeanor was assholish. i understand that that person was doing their job but in any situation i’ve been in where i was a penny short, and i HAD the penny but just found it say .5 seconds later, they still let it go and gave me what i was trying to buy for whatever the price was minus the penny.

Here’s a Penny for your thoughts /pun

Jokes aside, I put my two cents with Debs…

And did the two people in front of you have tits? Thats like a $5 coupon anywhere they are willing to say ‘hi’

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Yea, you’re probably right.

Next time I go there and this guy is working, my order will be at LEAST $7.00 and I’ll be paying in all pennies.

Also, I understand that they’re just doing their job & everything, but isn’t it always a dick move when it comes down to a god damn penny?

As annoying as that sounds, considering the likelihood that someone will fuck with your fast food order without even provoking them I tend to let these kinda things slide so I don’t end up with crabs and cum on my food.

If it’s one of those mall spots, there isn’t MUCH room for them to fuck with your food unseen, unless they take it in the storage room or something. And if they do that, you can see them go in there, and that’s on you really for eating it lol.

But for real you couldn’t have just gotten some cheapo chinese shit instead?

I’ve rung people up before when they’re a dollar short, I just take it out of the tip jar. I don’t think I’m supposed to do that though, especially since the tips are shared for all employees. lol whateva
Refusing your order over a penny is fucking ridiculous. Maybe he’s got a small penis or something, I heard once on TV that that’s the cause of a lot of problems these days

Man taco shits its one of the worse burning asshole feelings ever, what more if they fuck with your food…Anyway, its your fault for not having enough money & the guy was doing his job…

When you charge bottom dollar for your food, every penny counts. Their taco’s are like .79 I think so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

That’s your fault for not having enough money tbh.

Stop eating this filth.

I did cashier work for years and never once said hey I demand 1 penny or no merchandise for you, that guy was just a dick.

lol same here, i’ve never actually had that happen to me before or ever heard of this happening to someone else. usually when someone is a penny short, people are cool about it and dont give a shit. i say if it’s like $.20 or so then it’s forgivable… anything above that and you kinda gotta draw the line.

just thought it was a funny (but true) story to share with everyone

and all of you saying “your fault for being short the penny”… do you really mean to tell me you’d be totally ok with them refusing your business for something as minor as a penny? yea, it’s my fault for going back and paying the prick… but eh, what’s done is done.


You didn’t have the fucking money, nobody’s problem but yours. The fact that you let people get away with not paying full price makes this tragically ironic and hilarious. You ask what would I do in this situation? Pay full fucking price. Just come back and order again. Nobody’s a ‘bad guy’ in this situation, but there is a stupid one. A stupid one who thinks paying in total is beneath him.

The thread title is hilarious…“This really just happened to me…somebody demanded*** I pay full price for a purchase***.” Poor you.

EDIT: Yes, a penny does matter to me…check the user name.

A little humor for all you who aren’t stupid.

Whoa now, let’s slow down on the insults there rabbi. I never said anything about paying in full being beneath me… I just figured the guy wouldn’t be a dick over a penny, and I was most definitely wrong… I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode or something.

Damn i guess lots of people haven’t been in this situation. Its one of those things that happens every now and then I worked retail for a bit and i had it happen to a few customers and i just let it slide its just a damn penny it wont throw your registers balance off -___- . I agree with mcjay there comes a time when its .50 cents .75 or even .30 cents u draw a line but a penny smh. It happened to me once at a taco bell all i had was a twenty and a few ones and i didn’t want to break a twenty for two of those crunchy beef tacos. I was short like two pennys though but the cashier chick just got some pennys out of those little tray they got by the registers where people put there loose pennys in.

no offence but if it was “only” a penny, like you say, then why didnt you have it?

This thread is gonna get good. Jewish people arguing over money on the interwebzzz??? DAMMMMMNNNN

As far as the penny is concerned. It’s whatever I wouldn’t even sweat it. I bet if it was a manager on register, they wouldn’t care. Their job is to make profit for the store. The food is dirt cheap to make, so losing a penny over a $5 purchase, for food that cost $1 or less to make would be nothing of a loss at all.

Don’t pay attention to the “WHY YOU NO HAZ MONIES!” trolls. If someone offered you $10, but accidentally miscounted and found out they have $9.97, and the exchange was for $2. Just cut the 3c loss from the 10 on the whole and stfu, let’s get real here.

You should be embarrass & not mad…Also who the hell brings only $5 when ordering food…Dont you have like a wallet w/ debit/credit card…You must be the same dumbass who buy a bunch of shit in a grocery store & later find out they dont have enough money, so they make the register lady return some of the stuff so they can complete the order…

Not everyone has an Asian wife to help supplement/supply their disposable income, rcadio,