This SFxT section of the board is hurtin


I mean most of the character discussion subforums only have between 5-10 messages a piece outside of stickies n alot of that info is for the older version of this game making alot of the combo threads irrelevant by and large (or at least out of date). When i first started coming to this board there was so much knowledge being shared -combos, tactics, tech, character matchups, all kinds of stuff… it was like people who knew how to play deep were planting seeds all over that would eventually grow into the community we have. The people who didnt know things could come here and improve naturally because there was so much talk n info everywhere we couldnt help but pick up pointers improving our game, which in turn made us wanna improve more. Alot of things ive learned Ive also been able to apply to other games as well, making me a fighting game fan instead of just a fan of some fighting game.

But now im being specific to this SFxT section of the board. This isnt about srk as a whole as theres plenty of talk and info and videos regarding other games. Look at the main SFxT page here, threads to bitch about the game, threads asking if its dead/dying, what the future holds n can it be salvaged. The amount of responses in the bitch threads are greater than all the responses in some character subforums put together! The guide on the srk front page that sits besides the very elaborate guides for umvc3 and others has no info other than basic moves and how much health each character has for the most part. Why was it never updated?! If it wasnt for southsidenoobs and a few others sharing pointers n knowledge through easily digestable videos, this game wouldnt even have as many people caring about it as it does now. Think about that Wesker tutorial Viscant did for Marvel n how much that upped peoples games. People using wesker upped it which made people not using wesker have to up it. Alot of people who owned the game then turned to srk so not to be left out in the cold while others so drastically improved. I sent more than a few messages directing people here. It was win win and that community flourished and still does.

I tend to ramble but basically what im saying is lets try n clean up around here a bit. If theres a character you like, try n make sure their section isnt cluttered with old info or off topic talk. Maybe make a 2.0 (1.6?) thread n ask for the original to be put down. Share your approach to the characters you use instead of just noob killing with it online. Try n put it out there so info is easy to gather n maybe when people come looking to step up their game they wont be greeted with negative threads n outdated, scattered gems of information. Make videos showing how you play, how you approach a character or a technique. Videos are the best learning tools and they can make you popular around here quick! Make threads with info, makes threads with questions, check in to see if theres something no one else answered n do it. Or elaborate. Or if they did, debate it… Think of alternate ideas.

I hope you all consider it and please dont think im on a soap box preaching here. I see alot of trash talk for this game n im getting tired of it. When i first picked it up i thought alot of aspects of it was BS too. I almost returned it shortly after i picked it up and im glad i didnt. it just took persevering til I “got it”. The lack of easily obtainable info n positive discussions nearly took its toll but I can honestly say the haters are wrong. If you dont wanna see this game n community fade into obscurity, try n be a little more active in keeping it breathing. Its not dead but it does feel like at the moment, coma wouldnt be a bad analogy. If alot do a little to help, itll add up. And this is not to say there isnt alot of good info and hard work all around already, there is obviously.

PS - Please leave elitist comments regarding my join date out of this discussion. Ive been on SRK for years as I explained in a few other threads ive posted in, even citing one of my former usernames, and no, I was never banned. Sorry for the PS but I feel getting that out there may help avoid derailing this discussion some.(If there ends up even being a discussion. I dont care about comments as long as some of you just think on what I wrote for a sec)


Such strong words. Besides the wall of blame/complaints you wrote, tell me what you’ve contributed to the SFxT community? Do you host streams, play the game to make other people hype (“lose or win” only hype matters, oh go figure that’s what diago said because he loves his community and game enough to keep it alive), go to events, make character tutorials, share helpful information with the community, and work hard to make a game you like appealing to other fighting game fans? Or are you one of those people that post fucking stupid non productive dead horse threads that get deleted in 48 hours?

I’m a marvel and tekken player so I’m neutral in this situation. My best advice is to stop complaining. How about you bust your butt like jibbo ryan vulcan and many others on here and host lobbies, make combo videos, and spread knowledge about the game you like?

Not being a bitch or anything, just saying…


I honestly believe that the lively hood of this game isn’t dependent on if the character discussion is constantly updated with new info. If a thread isn’t booming with responses it usually means that there is nothing to be said or that character isn’t that popular.

And speaking of useless threads… This is why we have general discussion thread.


I don’t know how being a marvel and tekken player excludes you, you play the game so that makes you part of the community also. And idk if you know this, but less then half the people who post here own proper software to be able to record. Just saying…


Maybe a large part of why certain characters arent popular is because the lack of easily accessible information. As a Street Fighter player I have to admit alot of the Tekken cast play really strange to me. I use Xiaoyu and its frustrating that most of her discussions revolve around the breakdance that you cant even do since the patch. I read through pages and pages of incorrect info for her until I saw that her most damaging options are no longer viable. I posted questions in the Juri and Xiao forums and each only got 1 response a piece, and neither were very helpful ( although i do appriciate the 2 guys who tried to help). Then there are mechanics in this game like cross assault and pandora that dont get touched on at all it seems.

And I didnt put this in general because its not about the game itself as much as it is the state of this board, and also I felt its too important to be buried in a day. Btw, what makes the threads where people just bitch, ranting about this game and discussing its future etc, not belong in general but this is a useless thread? I feel like if it encourages even 1 person to make that tech or tutorial vid theyve been thinking about its alot more useful than a thread where people talk about what someone messaged them or people just ranting about what they dont like in the game.

Speaking of useless threads, a positive one encouraging people to make vids and keep the board concise with updated v.1.06 info while deleting info that no longer applies to the game is not useless.


Yeah, this a useless thread, because everyone’s going to see it in Recently Active Threads and jump in to put some more hurting. Ready for this to turn into “This board’s a hurting because this game sucks” That’s what you’re going to accomplish.
Your “What were they thinking?” thread was just as useless, because it sounded like 1st week “I dunno what I’m doing, but they should change this to make me happy” shit.:arazz:


Should make more effort to get the sub-forums active instead of actively trying to convince people to play the game when they aren’t interested right now.

Once more character based things come out and people feel interested I think they will revisit the game or pick it up.


This isn’t the way to get the character forums more active. The way to do that is to post in the character forums. Which I try to do when I can, personally. Just tend to already have a lot of threads I participate in on the main hub.

Not trying to be mean-spirited or anything. Just that this is going to end up attracting the wrong attention.

You played Tekken prior to Tag 2?

Either way… you’re here and participate, so… no, you can help too lol.


I honestly can say I got nothing really new to contribute to the character forums. Honestly there’s nothing left to say after the man himself Tatsu came through and showed us all the BnB’s for Xiaoyu post 1.05 update. He even has tech written up with vids and if that isn’t enough I really dunno what to tell you. I’m a Tekken player as well, been playing Tekken since the first game on PSX and haven’t touched a single Capcom fighter since then. I tend to throw around random tidbits of info on the general forums since most of my tactics aren’t character specific. Most of my time spent nowdays is actually playing the game like most of us regulars should be doing. That’s really all the support we need right there.


The bitching threads are actually not as bitchy as you seem to think.

Even if there aren’t all that many videos available yet, there are some really good combo threads around giving you decent combos for a great variety of situations.


I’m in no shape or form a good X Tekken player, but I’ve been beating a lot of A+'s today, European A+'s, mind. With a day two Sim plus my main Ryu and Ken/Ryu team. Have you other European players noticed a drop in quality? I’m more afraid of the players who have always beaten me, in comparison to these ‘masters’ of the game.


That would be because those characters have decent anti-airs. Also sim is not played very often, could catch them off guard, or there like me and just walk into them limbs about 10 times a match.


Even without Sim, and you know how bad I was the last time we played, these guys were bad against my Ken, and playing well below the standard I’d expect for a A+.


Kind of in the process of doing that job right now on the Akuma forums, already made two threads: one detailing all of his changes from SF4 to SFXT and I updated the match-up thread also, talk doesn’t really happen since there is like probably around 4-5 people who post there lol.

No matter, I do have some vids in the work for him. I just need to wait until tomorrow for my computer to get fixed :coffee:. Hopefully with all of its data intact.

So don’t worry about it, I’m doing what is needed to be done. It’s just juggling it with the trials of everyday life, THAT is the main problem with doing the stuff that I do.


Another one of these “SFxT is down in the dumps gaizzzz” threads? Come on…

At least before it was like “yeah this shit kinda sucks” now it’s just like…we get it. Telling people “hey post good stuff” isn’t going to get people to post good stuff. It’s SRK.


Nuke the thread plz.


I actually agree with the sentiment of the OP.


yay for more pointless threads. Post in the character sections if you want more activity there


While I understand what you are saying and agree with some of the your ideas, the fact of the matter is action speaks louder than words. I have tried to do my part by posting in the Poison threads regularly with adding combos and team synergy strategies to try and keep interest in the character (even though I know some don’t regard her as being good) because I enjoy playing as the character and because I enjoy playing this game a lot. (even though I have to put up with the hell known as pc online) Right now I’m planning on releasing a poison combo video, my first combo video ever, to try and explain the character once I feel that I have a grasp on the character. In regards to streaming lobbies, I simply don’t have the resources to do so personally and I don’t really feel like most ppl who post on here do. But what we can all do is contribute to the community by having an online tournament on consoles and pc once a month from here on out to hype this game up.


I agree with OP.

People need to realize how important it is to keep character boards active. Because they’re the first and sometimes only section that interested players visit when they want to learn or get better. But when they notice the boards are inactive, they think the game is dead and that no one is playing so they drop the game or maybe drop their main for a character whose board is more active. Sounds silly but I’m sure this happens.

Honestly, I’ve never seen such a lazy community so out of touch with their characters. Shame on you all.

And what makes things worse is that the best and most knowledgeable players that have the most to contribute are usually the less active members.