This Should Go Without Saying: Scramble Mode Does Not Have To Be Seen as a "Party" Mode

But this is SRK, where the sole source of judgement for this statement for many will be my avatar.

Advocation of Scramble Mode or 4 Player Simultaneous Modes in fighters shouldn’t be needed. A sophisticated look at the very designation “Party Game” should be enough to see what an arbitrary distinction that is: one that does absolutely nothing to articulate what a game’s competitive value is, since it does nothing to to articulate what a game does, as a game. A developer may use the term for PR or an ignoramus may use the term dismissively (because too much mirth flowing through a fighting game experience = noncompetitive, apparently). It’s a blanket term, that can be attributed to any game, or particular aspect of a game, that isn’t being taken seriously be a large and influential enough community of competitive players.

It’s obvious my competitive background with the Smash series has given me a certain amount of perspective on what a “party game” really is. Now it’s the larger FGCs turn. Scramble Mode, I think, has the potential to open a lot of minds if its given the chance. If you actually find Scramble mode as fun as many others seem to, that shouldn’t exclude it from being explored on a competitive level - in fact, that should inspire you to explore it further. Team Tournaments at Smash events, while I was always bad at them, personally, were (and still are as I’m told) a highlight of every Smash tournament. A lot of people enjoy Doubles so much - they only enter Doubles in tournaments.

The joy of grinding and coordinating a team effort through a stacked bracket with someone you’ve developed a trusted, competitive relationship over a period of time cannot be articulated. Only experience will suffice. As fun as you may find Scramble Mode when kicking the shit, drunk with your boys - you won’t be laughing in a tournament setting. Such was the case with Smash Team Tournaments.

Watching UltraChen’s excitement over this mode has made me realize: It’s time for a community (that I consider myself a part of) that may have been a bit too stubborn in accepting change to experience a joy the Smash community has been experiencing for more than a decade. Let’s not dismiss this out of the gate.


Obviously, 2v2 Tag seems more competitively feasible out of the gate, due to it being more immediately familiar, thus, easier for us to control. On top of that, it would be unlikely that a tournament hosting multiple games already could host: a 1v1, 2v2 Tag and 2v2 Scramble tournament. I just implore people to not be idiots when discussing the potential merits of Scramble mode.

No it will be the name SynikaL that will do that. Before I read your posts I try to predict how you will be lording it over me the next minute or so.

Scramble mode’s acceptance hinges on how much broken shizz we find in it.

There’s also the question of the quality of the brokenness. If it’s dumb broken shit dealing with targetting the correct player and being unable to pull off certain moves, then shit. If it’s awesoem brokenness with shizz like infinites, unblockables, etc. then hell yeah!

i feel like the neutral in scramble mode could easily end up quite dumb. i dont think it is really comparable to smash.

Just a quick question: what makes you think they’d seperate 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 tag play? I think it could totally work with the tag mode being 1 vs 2.

On topic: I don’t think we shouldn’t try but I’m not very optimistic. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!

stop saying “shizz” you arent fucking 12

That’s gonna be tough to find considering Capcom did everything they could to prevent unblockables, high-lows and left-right ones.

unblockables exist in scramble mode.

I think smash can be a tournament worthy game. Scramble cannot. There is simply not enough room on the screen, and game mechanics do not play well with it. Pairs mode however is completely tournament viable.

Entirely different.

Doubles in Smash don’t change anything about the core gameplay. You would control your character the same way and gameplay elements would remain exactly the same as if in a singles match. Scramble mode has some problems, as in a shared health bar and especially the neutral/blocking issue. I am a advocate of 2v2 tag team tournaments, however.

Scrumble mode is shit who da fuck cares about it?

Well, if you land a hit on both opponents, you’ll most likely be able to start an infinite if your partner is ready.

I’d file that under quality broken shit. But that’s just me.

Personally I think it’ll be fun, just don’t take it too seriously. Like, don’t focus your whole game on Scramble Mode, focus on the game itself.

Laughs about smash players taking smash seriously -> Plays Capcom’s smash seriously

BTW how do you decide which side to turn to? Oh wait you don’t cuz it’s just a joke mode added as bonus to a system that was not built for it.

TO’s have enough trouble getting this game into a respectable 1v1 tournament that works, maybe scramble mode should be set aside.

the problem is that one mode has to be the standard, a second mode for “fun”

1v1 obviously will be the standard as the fgc doesn’t like to depend on anyone else but themselves in competive play.

2nd will be 2v2 four player… I think this game will be the most enjoyable team tournament game to watch simply because of the 2v2 mechanics…( props to DOA doing it 1st) If team tournaments are run in this format in stead of 3 on 3… still TBD i’m sure.

3rd scramble mode… There’s just not enough room for 3 different modes of one game at a tournament, 2 aren’t gonna be taken as seriously as the other… scramble will be a “joke”

Right. It’s obvious that the game’s mechanics weren’t specifically tailored around this mode, but that shouldn’t be grounds for dismissing it as a competitive avenue. That would be absurd. We’ll never know how “broken” or competitively inviable Scramble Mode is unless people are actually willing to break the dynamics of it down, and come to the proper realizations regarding whether or not it conforms to our competitive FG values (which expand daily, much to the chagrin of those with a nostalgic hard-on for SF2).

I doubt Ono’s team is so incompetent that they developed Scramble Mode without at least some consideration for character/systems balancing. The mode wouldn’t be fun in the slightest - across the player base spectrum - if the dominate tactic throughout the game’s life became sandwiching the other team into a chain infinite since day -20.


Really frustrating that the Ignore Function doesn’t seem to work on these forums (?).

So wait a sec, are we saying that we’d seperate single players and teams? Why not just let either type sign up?

I’m not sure what you mean. I’m talking, potentially, separate tournaments for each mode, similar to how the Smash community hosts both 2v2 and 1v1 tournaments at every event.

That makes sense for Smash Bros. in this game both sides are gonna have 2 characters anyhow, I think if a 2 player team wants to enter in a “regular” tournament they should be able to. Because it seems there’s advantages and disadvantages to both, not to mention the game makes no differentiation between the two.

On topic: I’m all for what you’re saying here, if Scramble mode isn’t broken as hell it should get a shot at the big time.