This site is extremely slow for me, is it just me?

Ever since the upgrade a couple of weeks ago, this site is almost unusable for me. It takes pages forever to load and has a bunch of ads/twitter feeds/apps things loading on the bottom gray bar. When it finally does finish, I always get “done but with errors on page” notice. It’s very frustrating. Is this happening to anyone else? I’m lucky I got to the forum to type this. The forum doesn’t seem to be as bad as the main pages, however. Is there some sort of setting I can use to disable the tweets/apps/dll stuff that I don’t use anyway? I know it’s not my computer, as I have a newer computer with plenty of memory and don’t have this problem with any other sites. I have tried it on a PS3 and my laptop and I have the same problems using those, so I’m pretty sure it’s this site.

Thanks so much for your help!

Hmmm it could be you. However I have had problems with this site but not the same issue. I tried opening this site in a yahoo search (Was trying to search something on Shoryuken via yahoo.) and instead it opens me up to this fileshare site and got me a Vista Anti-spyware virus.

Just to chime in here. I have been having problems using the forums through my iPhone.

Every time I go into a thread all of the posts are staggered and all the text is stacked letter above letter.

Tries to load but ends up crashing. This started happening on Friday for me. Before that the new srk was working fine.


B15 - same here [stupid angry emote face]

i had the same problem as well, i thought it was just because the thread pages are twice the size now…

I have the same problem since the upgrade, it takes 3-4 minutes to load mainpage.

The forum is running smooth. However, Mac users will have an issue with the forum with their browser. It seems to have a glitch within the code for browser wise.

I have this problem with the front page as well. Sometimes freezes. Win7, IE9 btw. Forum pages are fine though, even better than before the upgrade.

urm, okay!?
I am on a Mac, on Chrome, all is good. i think your reference is to Safari based client including iPhone and iPad, under which case the site is completely borked!

Yes, my reference is for those who are using Safari (including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

If the site does run slow. It’s probably due to stream wise. Keep in mind that the code is now embed to the forum. Therefore, when user(s) are watching it from the stream list instead of the actual link. It creates a page load for SRK.

I too experienced the iphone problem with the staggered text as mentioned above.

same here with the text and crashing but I’m on a android

I have been having problems with the new forum all the time. Sometimes i just cant log in. I always get the forum unavailable at this time as well. I get those problems pretty frequently.

Moving this thread to the proper forum.

I haven’t had this problem…yet(keeps fingers crossed).

forum runs like shit for me. don’t know what it is but I have no such problems with any other forum.

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much crap on the screen.

Taking three minutes to load main page for me also. I have had SRK as my homepage for a year now and had to switch. Can’t wait three mins every time I load IE to surf the web. I hope they fix it soon.

OMG… the homepage takes sooooooooooooooooo loooooooooooooooooong to load on all my devices. almost unusable :frowning:
android phone… ipad… windows xp professional at work… windows 7 at home…windows xp home version on my girls laptop. all are sooo slooow :frowning:

The ad server is really slow. Loading the site with that blocked loads very quickly, otherwise it’s painfully slow and has rendering errors quite often.

The front page loads super slow for me too. I have internet explorer 9 with windows 7 home premium.