This song deserves its own thread . gen ssf4 theme!

its just that goooooOoooooooooooooooooooooD! :smiley:
yeah his other themes are badass to :slight_smile:

I wish this was Gen’s theme:

I was thinking about making a song for gen called “mk hands” anyone one here makes beats? I got a friend that sings…and I rap…been rapping for like 10 years…

I heard dubstep remixes give you +10.000 views, for some odd reason.
I’ve got a guitar, if you need any help. Although I’ll probably stick to chords.

Yea man i think it would be cool for some gen users to do this. I make beats but i am not to good at sampling still learning.This could be epic!

A dubstep remix of Gen’s theme must be done.
Hell, any remix must be done, there’s a criminal lack of them.