This story is nuts. Took a lot of balls for this guy to keep on living

Many of you may be familiar with a Wesley Warren Jr. the guy with the oversized nutsack that couldn’t afford an operation. Well he found a doctor that was willing to do it for free.

I still don’t understand how the fuck could pinching or crushing a nut could make it grow so rapidly and so much. Why couldn’t it be treated with some sort of hormone therapy?

Where the fuck did all that mass even come from? This has got to be the most insane thing I’ve ever heard of. I can’t believe that could happen with any body part, let alone the damn scrotum.

he don’t teabag you

he potato sacks you

I can’t see this guy without thinking about this song:

Wait, I thought numerous doctors offered to do his operation for free but he declined since his balls made him famous.

From what I heard he declined because the doctors who offered were recommended by someone famous who offered to help in exchange for the rights to his story.

That’s some deep conspiracy theory…balls deep…

One man bukkake

Last segment of the URL: “wesley-warren-jr-scrotum/”

I know you faggots are disappointed there are no post op pics.

I posted for the godlike pun in the title.

lame, you put the puns in the title instead of waiting for them to unfold in the replies

I was going to read the article but then an ad came up saying “skip this page in 30 seconds” so I didn’t read it