This summer...

Given rumors and expectations so far, is anyone else looking foward to MvC2 (6/29), Blazblue: Calamity Trigger (6/30), and King of Fighters XII (7/7)? To think customs soundtracks, a re-vamped GG-esque fighter, and the stunning kick-@** KOF sequel will be getting around $150 from me in the span of a week. 2D lives!

3D lives! In TMNT Turtles in Time

This year is going to be crazy good…I’m already playing a lot of kof98, kof2k2, MBAC and SF4 but on top of that I’m going to be juggling BlazBlue, kof12, T6BR and maybe even MvC2.

So, when do you eat and sleep?


Go outside once in awhile

Give him his glory.

I’ll probably just get BlazBlue…


really? REALLY?

what do you play on so we can on 360