This team... can it work?

I’m thinking of getting this game and using a team of viewjoe/ zero or vj/chun. Is this a viable team? Seems heavy on offensive rushdown to me, which is good.

V. Joe/Chun is a very solid team because VJ’s assist is kind off crappy, but Chun is a very self-reliant character - she doesn’t need an assist to kick ass. Chun’s assist is also good for pressure and combos and mix-up, all of which VJ can use well.

Also, Zero/VJ will work because Zero/anything works. Zero’s arguably the best battery in the game so he can set VJ up with oodles of meter to megacrash and combo. Only downside is that assist compatibility is kind of non-existent and DHCs are only so-so (but there definitely is some DHC potential here).

you can make any team work. it just depends how good you are with the characters.

Yeah I heard the only low tier guy is gold lightan. That’s why I asked. A game cannot be that balanced, can it?
Also, I don’t hop into learning chars just b/c they are high tier. Quite frankly when playing 3s for the first few times I picked some pretty high tier chars without knowing what a tier was . I just pick who I think is the coolest or most useful/usable for me.

Actually, it can be that balanced. Granted, we aren’t even close to having enough experience with the game to make a proper tier list yet, but so far almost all the characters have shown that they have a shitload of potential. I think the only character(s) that are widely accepted as being top tier is Zero and maybe Tekkaman Blade. Almost everyone else is in a “I think he sucks/I think he’s awesome” zone.

and you’re picking your characters the proper way as well. Pick two characters who you like and work with them. I know some people have chuckled at my Zero/Joe the Condor team since they are not that combo compatible, but I like both characters and i’ll continue to use them.

Yeah heck yea I like using like over half of the characters. I think the toughest character for me is Casshan like match up wise, trying to learn how to get in and what not. I didn’t really use him that much in the Japanese version. I like him a lot in this one. I play Marvel and TvC but TvC is definitely much less aggravating due to being able to use more characters.

So lately i’ve been thinking about picking up Casshan to go with Zero. I know all teams can “work”, but i’m curious about some possible hazards I should watch out for. How smooth of a team would this make overall?

I’m comfortable with Karas/Roll, a team that has almost no synergy. I say pick two chars that you can hold your own with if/when the other one dies.