"This thread is delicious!"-The Bison Social






The first thing I noticed about the Bison boards was the stark absence of a social. I even searched and there is none. Other character boards have it, so now Bison gets one!


**And it is the best goddamn social on SRK! YES!!! **



Stuff everyone already knows:

  • No spamming (Crouch light kick, stand heavy kick, and light scissor kick spam is O.K.)
  • No trolling (I know it’s hard not to troll as it is an integral part of Bison’s game plan, and chances are if you use Bison you *are a troll *but please refrain while posting here!)
  • No flaming (Purple flames are an exception.)
    [S]- No jump mp to warp[/S]
    [S]- No Guile[/S]
    -[S] No Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays![/S]
  • Try to keep it SF related
  • Don’t get this locked

I’ll start this social off with a general Bison question. What led you into using Bison? Do you like his character, his design, his play style?

For me SSF4 is my first true Street Fighter Game. I’m not counting Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis that I rented from Blockbuster, came with no manual or instructions, I was a kid and didn’t know what the Hell I was doing so naturally I hated it.

Now the only characters I remembered from SF 2 were Ken, Chun, Blanka and “the red guy who can fly across the screen” (Bison, lol.)

I was going to main Ken in SSF4, that is until I saw the sacred Bison video someone b/c in a xat:

The obligatory video:


I saw this and I was like-wait… isn’t he suppose to be this super evil guy who sold all the goodness in his soul to master psycho power? Why is he acting like an idiot? Wow that is so retarded it’s awesome. I must main this character now!

And so it begins. You?

This thread needs more nom noms.

whistles http://shoryuken.com/f260/random-bison-stuff-240287/

Seems to be the same idea more or less with the sole exception your trying to keep it completely SF related.

thats seems more like spam lol.

Well was meant to be more funny stuff than spam but ok lol.

w/e I donno. I just thought it would be nice for the Bison boards to have a real social.

I was like anybody else before SF4 came out to consoles; soaking up all the game’s video and image information out on the web possible. I thought about what characters to pick and ahoy I stumbled onto the Daigo concept matches where he fought a bunch of the top players and i saw some of the other arcade matches of Dictator matches and I was just kind of sold on a few points: 1. Villian, 2. Mobility (walk speed, dash speed, air control) and 3. how he can rush down so well.

These were some of the first Dictator matches I saw pre-console release and I was just hyped for it.


But when the game came out I actually started using Cammy instead cuz I liked her rush down style too. But I was on 360pad and I had to wait for the Madcatz fightsticks to go back on stock before I switched. And then they went back into stock, I got one, tried to use Cammy on stick and didn’t feel good overall so I dropped her and picked up Bison.

I’m still pretty devoted to the character right now despite how heavily some specific things have been scrutinized by a lot of players. The negative things always echo louder than the positive things despite how little it is.

This right here was his biggest selling point to me. In any fighting game I need characters that have great mobility, and a good air game too. I especially like characters who have attacks that literally move them forward (Bison’s SK, psycho crusher esp.) I use these for last ditch spacing efforts, or getting out of bad situations.

I picked Bison as my main cause when I first got SF4 I tried a lot of characters and found that I was getting a lot of easy wins with Bison. I’ve obviously learned more about the character now and I like the amount of options to get around the screen quickly, which is one of the main reasons that I pick Bison.

I love villains and bison’s play style fit me better than the rest of cast it was a match made in hell

hahaha free wins. Lol when I first played Bison I didn’t use any footsies at all with him. I purely did bait and punish, and I still was able to do decently with him. I can only imagine how scary he will be when I get my stick, bait, punish, footsie, ultra, and warp (I can never get ultra or warp to work consistently on the 360. I can’t even run unless I use the d-pad lol, it’s so terrible.)

I missed this. What do you mean/ are referring to by it…?

Works for me, I am not really bothered by it I just thought it was a duplicate thread at first.

The same arguments everyone puts on the table. Slow Devil’s Reverse, slow Head press, slow this and that, etc etc yaddy yaddy.

I had previously never used Bison in any game. At all. Ever.

I just never really found him that appealing. In terms of the Grand Masters, I always liked Sagat more for being this strong stoic character and Vega more for being pretty and crazy since I typically like characters like that (Freeman, Iori, Yamazaki).

When I was a kid I used to hate him sooooo hord. I could never beat him playing SFII on SNES, except when I used Honda and spammed his own jumping move, I think it was MK, the jumping butt slam. I remember him giving me a shit ton of trouble in SF EX + Alpha too. That game was just fucked all over though. lol

I generally liked Bison as a boss though, and I thought he was probably one of the best with Geese, just not so much as a character I would play. In SF4, I mained Dhalsim, and started playing him in other games too. After a while, I got sick of him though. I think mainly because I’m just not patient enough to play a character like that. I saw people and my one friend KitKat playing as Bison, and for the first time I thought it might be fun. So I switched over to Bison, and did pretty well initially. Right now, I’m liking his play style and some of the stuff he can do, but I’m still getting used to having to play aggressively.

in SF4 Bison is my main, with I guess Sim as my secondary since I’ll still go back to him sometime. I really don’t have any other true mains in other games, since I’m not that serious. Remy in 3S is the only other real main I have. Remy needs to be in more games. I seriously <3 Remy, even though noone else in the world does. : O

Well since we are going to fun stories about why we are using him or why we hadn’t in the past well in my case I never used a charge char in the past because I was a pad user. I couldn’t do a charge char ultra/super to save my life and hated the concept of having to wait 2 seconds to even use a special. In fact if you had asked me about a year ago if I would ever use a charge character I would have laughed.

One TE fightstick later I found I took to Bison quite quickly in Vanilla and have been using him ever since. The evil grin rubbed off on me what can I say.

Haha it’s funny, sometimes I’ll go into the Vega forums and read through their social thread kinda wishing the Bison forums had something like it. Thanks for finally making this thing.

Hey stabicron, you play my friend iBindustries every now and then right? I was over at his place earlier today and he showed me some replays of him playing against you, and I was like, “Hey, I know that guy from SRK!” Small world… kinda.

Shout out to w00tsick, whom I met last weekend in Arkansas. GGs and really solid Bison man!

Also, I can’t get this fucking song out of my head: [media=youtube]hMtZfW2z9dw[/media]

edit: SniperNightOwl, just checked out your YouTube page - I love you. Your piano arrangement of Bison’s theme is fucking awesome.

I’m about to start hitting up the tourney seen again soon, I made it out to FC last weekend but didn’t see you there Kerry, I heard there was a big tourney in Kansas going down… how did you do?

And I made this post in the community thread but I made it to 4000PP so I’m kinda happy about that, since I don’t see to many ppl with that many and I don’t even really play ranked… only a couple of games a day and I only play about 3 or 4 days outta the week. BLAHBLAH
Anyways my Gamebattles team is in 7th place(7-1) and we goin to the playoffs. ONLINE still sucks though…

I did as bad as you can do man, 0-2. Shit man, I was so fucking salty. I promised myself that I’m gonna get Top 8 in every tournament I enter now, or at least know I did everything I could to win.

First step - don’t get shit faced the night before, and wake up hungover. Baby steps haha.

To answer the initial question. I alt Bison but he’s seriously about tied with Vega, I use them equally at times.
But why I chose him, His looks. I actually didn’t like him much in his first costume, then his shredded up alt came out and I thought “Wow…” Then I started playing around with him and figured I could play him exactly to the playstyle I love (Rush that shit down). I ended up maining him for a little bit back in December and then again at the beginning of Super when learning to play stick.
The quote that also comes to mind with his dash is “Skipping is magnificent.” so I love it.
Just the way you can go plain rushdown aggressive and have a load of fun with him, plus his personality is just “BUUUUUUUURRN!” whenever he speaks.

I’m considering repping him at the next tourney I go to, I’ve used Vega the past two (They were character locked, so as much as I wanted to use Bison halfway through…I couldn’t)

I always liked bison, and i love picking bad guys. I was toying with various characters as mains (Seth, Blanka, Cammy, Chun Li, Gief), until I got my ass spoon fed to me by an online bison. I’d been reading about the various Seth stuff in their thread, and for the first time, I actually felt I was learning how to properly play SF. Then, when I picked up Bison, I’d got really involved in this forum, and my gameplay improved dramatically.

Now if only I could find one friend who would be willing to fucking learn how to play.