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people can just neutral jump spd’s but people still get fucked up by them all the time

l.sk is extremely good pressure that pushes your opponent closer and closer to the corner (where most of the time you want them to be). it’s 0 on block so you’re 100% safe from everything and as said above it leaves you in some pretty favourable spacing. most importantly it deals chip to your opponent, which forces your opponent to actually do something about it which is when you take the chance to smack him with something else

amazing about how top player do spacing…

trash talk:

Focus Crumble you when you:

so SPACING> scissor > block > DP > scissor > everything.
it is time to manipulating time and space, shall we?

im not sure what you’re saying… you’re complaining that a lot of bison’s stuff loses to spaced focus attacks?

that’s kinda true, but after a while you get used to reacting properly to the focus attacks and respond correctly. i have a couple people in my scene that like to fish for focus attacks against all the moves you listed and i used to get crumpled quite a bit until i just learned how to respond.

if they’re trying to focus one of my pokes i’ll either wait until they try to back dash or release the FA before i hit them with a round house or ill just walk up throw. if they’re trying to catch a scissor kick i’ll use a medium or heavy sk depending on the range so it breaks their focus. if they focus really stupidly i just ex-pc.

i rarely get crumpled by that garbage anymore (though it still sucks that 1/15 times it catches me)

Gen can catch you from half the screen, even VERY TIP of your st.mk hit, if HE GOT LV2 YOU ARE DONE.
scary part of gen is if he is not get throw he is not worry, by the time he is coming at you oh well…
gen got some good OS against bison, jump in to punish dash back,
jump in OS dash forward for back teleport.
OS EX dragon upkick vs wake up ex psycho,
Counter hit into super, into ultra? but don’t like eat counter hit? prepare to dizzy in throw and cross up with no hope to anti air in that range.

you can try to trade with st.fierce but you
can’t push him off and when you finally get what move you want and it come out? it is mostly that gen player let you breath so he can finish you off with full ultra…

Focus was the problem to me , the risk to punish Focus was too big, they can focus out of your range whole FKing day, you can’t do anything about it.
imaging something against Bison and is free of use, anything you did will be too much risk than a free Focus, even they charge to lv 3 sometime when you walk back and they know you get frustration by not being able to punish it.

PC was too slow
MEDIUM scissor? not easy as they mix up neutral jump, you can’t punish neutral jump if is out of your roundhouse range for too long.
dash in throw? sry too far
slide? crumble
any limp? crumple
scissor heavy, might catch FADC back dash but is character specific not universal I think.


Bison versus Bonus stage is so broken for Bonus stage, S.HK is too good against barrels and psycho crusher/teleport mix ups destroy the car 9-1 atleast

Nerf that shit

lol, you have the same problems i have/used to have against gen. pretty much gen gets to do everything to you for free. gets to jump in for free, frame trap you for free, os for free (ex-scissor will sometimes trade or whiff against his os upkicks on wakeup), ultras will ALWAYS catch you if you make a mistake (specifically u2)

the solution to this match up is s.mk. whiff punish him and use s.mk in ranges that will make gen BLOCK. if you do it outside the proper range you’ll get whiff punished instead, and gen has better whiff punishes than you do that lead into a knockdown. bison controlling the MU is seriously strictly about s.mk. if your opponent starts focusing during footsies then the solution to that is to throw him during the FA or kick him after he dashes

most of your other buttons will just straight lose to gen during footsies. if he jumps on you you can’t s.rh him. i think it’s his jf.fierce that makes your s.rh whiff completely at all angles but the very tip from a long jump (which will be a trade). you have to c.fierce which can be a pain to react to (but not impossible). he also beats you air to air with the same jump attack unless you nj.rh or nj.mk him.

his super will catch any escape attempt you make, his u1 can catch DR escapes on the way down (i think his u1 can be OS’d as well to catch a DR on the way up too), but his u2 shuts down everything you have. with u2 stocked you can’t jump, dr, hs, tele, expc, back dash (yes you can be caught). either ultra is good for gen regardless.

even though gen has all these ‘advantages’ against bison, the saving grace once again comes down to your s.mk. it beats mostly everything gen has. the match up is to make sure gen never gets a life lead or gets any for of offense going and s.mk is incredible at allowing that. just remember to be in range so you stuff him on any start ups.

lmao, I used Bison to get that barrel achievement doing this

Just wanted to say, I’ve been laughing for the 2nd day straight at the OFFISHAL BIPSON PRESSAH commentary by Chris Hu. SO GOOD.


Sure it’s Vanilla, sure it’s old, but there’s some come(dic) gold in there. It’s also one of the few gems (haha) of inspiration for Dictator players in a Sagat/Ryu/Rufus/Balrog-dominated Vanilla.

That being said, HOLY SHIT, look at that damage! i forgot how beastly s.HKs were back then. Imagine if Dictator still had Vanilla damage and uniform s.HK. Twins/Evil Ryu would have died in like 5 s.HKs. :rofl:

no they dizzy like 6, if counter hit I think is 5 hits, I used to dizzy shoto who get condition not to random dragon punch when I was in super,
but I feel my fundamental was never as good as now, my spacing and defense was shtty back then.
Bison in Super was perfect beast.

I don’t know how Andre play like that, and maybe that is why it mess Daigo up,
it was proved many time that Daigo is human, he can and will lose, but some situation he make ppl looks bad…that is actually worst part of play him.
so if you don’t looks bad after lose to him that is already a sign honor, think about even top player can get maul by him and make them look like is their first day at FTG.

I was losing crazy today…not to mention I lose to a ROSE.

lost to a Sagat, beat a Juri back to loser bracket, and out when I lose to ROSE.
any idea for ROSE MU?? some of her buff are sick, WTH WITH HER ST FIERCE KICK?
I think is 5/5 now, or 5.5 to 4.5 Bison favorite.

Some EX2+ Bison … pretty interesting. youtube.com/watch?v=Ncq8QocfUaM#t=63m48s

EX series, such a crappy series…

But Bison was GDLK in that game, good series.

-7000+ BP

man I’m so tired of people sending stupid hate mail or “haha you so scrub” mail. then I challenge them to ft5 with my bison and they lose 5 straight…

EDIT: or they just make excuses not to play me…

I’m at the 12,000 BP range now (not that it matters), I still played ranked for the LULz, trolled some shoto scrubs with Honda lately, funny because I find it easier to win with Honda against Ryu/Ken

Also it’s tuesday, where are the tuesday videos at?

Honda is broken…that damage and walk speed and command grab.

if your fireball is smart, one smart AZZ slam or jump in from Honda you pay your hands and lags for him, plus that frame trap + oricho.

Honda with good read and wild goose chase style = mike ross, I am not surprising if he ever destroy all the top Bison because we have those shtty AA.

Bison in SFxT unnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnf shit yeaaaaaaaah

honda’s command grab is pretty shitty. 5 frames and has the unique trait of being neither throw or strike invincible. honda’s s.rh is -7 on block and -3 on hit so you have a good chance at tagging him with your s.forward if you block and are still at good frame advantage even if hit

honda is a pain in the dick due to his retarded damage output, but we all know that already. just widdle him down and don’t take any unnecessary risks. you’re rarely gonna get any huge damage chances on honda so just remember there’s 99 seconds and so long as honda has to chase YOU down you actually don’t have much to worry about. as far as i know honda can’t actually punish ex-pc so drag the match out as long as you need to secure a win

Been a while, need to stop running away from this forum. Has Bison got some ninja buffs that despite still playing him myself that I have yet to actually friggin notice? All I’ve run into the past week is Bison Bison Bison Bison.
It’s beginning to really annoy me because all they know how to do is:

Did it work?
Yes > Headstomp again.
No > Heavy scissors that no matter how point blank they do it is safe (GGs lag)

Walk back scissors.
Did it work?

Oh and you dare walk at me? Slide, H.SK/PC Take your pick, no matter how fast you block them and how unsafe they are, they can still throw you -_- And yes I know my damn spacing.
It’s driving me up a wall, I’m not even losing half the time but the sheer STUPIDITY and lag tactics that people use with him is starting to really annoy me and the fact that there’s more of them now than week 1 of friggin Super D8<