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Been experimenting more with nj.hp. Find that its a really character specific normal if your looking to hit someone on the ground. Has a hard time hitting anyone with a small hurbox so in those instances probably better to hit nj.hk/mk despite the not quite so good hitbox on nj.hk.

you sure you not on dial-up?

Anyways the flowchart is suppose to go like this…

I am quite sure. It’s called shitty European unstable infrastructure that just because I’m on 40mb download, 3mb upload with 10ms ping, doesn’t mean my opponent on the other end is. You can also live down the street, both have amazing internet and yet be the laggiest shite known to man. It’s the quality of the infrastructure. Hell I don’t even think it’s EU since I never lag with Austria and Netherlands. I just think it’s the UK.

i made some draws:





btw, i watched the bison trailer of sfxtekken
i fucking love it

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Stupid Blanka player. Assumes that I kicked him from the endless room when it wasn’t my room. My first reply to his msg was to tell him it wasn’t my room and remind him what they say about people who assume. Dumbass then replies that lol you can see who’s room it is when you enter. Yes you can and apparently he fails at basic reading comprehension as well.

Guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Reminds me of people who get bitchy when they’re from the US/Canada and have a red bar and I kick them "WHY Y KICK ME!?"
Does this question need to be answered?

I get connections when my opponent bisons medium scissor kick is safe on block

Also an apology to my bison family for seemingly disappearing, working that full time job and my default computer is messed up again, just really cheap quality. It overheats on a dime so I’m working on fixing that when I can. My practice time has been severly reduced, unsure what will become of my fighting career. It’s still too early to tell, but I have been very happy otherwise with my life for the most part. And dang it we need a make up Tuesday video.


I guess thats what we call a …

Hostile take over


Also a misc question to someone who knows the mechanics of this game. I x’d this at the ryu forums but they are dead ( Ryu is scrub ). Why does ryu J.HK ( blocked ) -> throw work? I figured it has to do with the blockstun of J.HK but I can’t find the frame data, I know you know what I’m talking about this set up is fairly popular I’ve even seen daigo use this.


I only know one smart Blanka player, now he play Gen…oh well

what do you mean? if you get thrown you simply didn’t tech properly. different aerial attacks have different stun which will mess with your timings.

you won’t find any specific hit/block stun data on jumping attacks because it’s all variable depending on when you get hit while the opponent is dropping on you. while technically it’s feasible to get this data, you’d have to go through character specific heights and there would be a max-min value that would need to be found out on a case-by-case basis

That shit has the same block stun no matter how it hits so if he hits you with the end just focus backdash that shit and AA if he jumps again. Because if he hits you at max distance with the j.hk it becomes to much of a guessing game when he walks up.Also you can stand tech and throw him to annoy ryu but that is more risky.

so after hearing the billionth complaint about ex-pc being a “get out of jail free card” (regardless of it COSTING meter), i just went into training mode to find out which characters are truly shit outta luck when it comes to bison using it as a pressure escape tool. as it turns out, 74% of the cast has an answer to it in one form or another.

talking strictly face-to-face ex-pc and not using it as a wakeup option while someone is jumping in on you (i didn’t test OS cases), these are the characters that are truly boned:

honda (but who cares it’s already 6-4 his favour)
viper (she can always catch with a chip using m.seismo)
gouken (i didn’t check in ver. 2012 since CRAPCOM is currently fucking the PC community in the street, but denjin might catch bison in 2012)
evil ryu (while doing this test i discovered that his raging demon actually moves slower than akuma’s or oni’s)

if not listed above, they have an option. since i’m bored, i’ll go ahead and list everyone else and what they can do vs ex-pc

ryu - super
ibuki - ultra 1
makoto - ex-hayate
dudley - u1, m.machine gun blow
seth - m/h/ex.legs, u1, super, s.fierce
akuma - raging demon (both super and u1)
gen - super, u1
oni - raging demon
yun - l/m.lunge punch, ex-shoulder press, u2
chun li - auto-correct m/h. super (only 1 hit unless bison ex-pc’s into the corner), auto-correct u1 (but to be fair to hit FULL ultra is HARD timing), ex-legs (in 2012)
dhalsim - u2, s.fierce
abel - u1, u2
bison - auto-correct u2, auto-correct m/h. super
sagat - kara-TU, u2
cammy - m/h.super, u1
deejay - auto-correct m/h. super, auto-correct u1
cody - m/ex.ruffian kick, u2
guy - ex.shoulder press
hakan - any slide (regardless if oiled)
yang - h.mantis slash (1 hit for 40dmg), ex.mantis slash (multiple hits up to 146 if done right), ex-dragon kicks, u2
guile - spinning back fist, m/h/ex.flash kicks, auto-correct u2
blanka - slide, auto-correct u2 (ground version)
zangief - all green hands (though ex his is only safe option)
rufus - c.fierce, u2
el fuerte - ex.running slide, u2
vega - ex.fba, auto-correct u2, and if bison misplaces the expc by a step vega can just slide to punish
balrog - auto-correct super, auto-correct u1
fei long - rekkas, m/h.super
adon - u1

all that without taking option selects into account, or anything flashy like maybe dash up-normal (if that’s even doable). remember, this is all point blank stuff, so more punishes get unlocked the worse the expc was spaced, and existing punishes get EASIER. this took me 5 minutes per character… why the fuck can’t any one do what i do JUST for their ONE character? shit man people rather bitch for 3 years than take 5 minutes in training mode.


I got news for you, juri and rose can punish blocked pc. Juri auto correct ex pinwheel or even auto correct u2 gets psycho crusher and rose has sweep.

Rog can auto correct u1 to punish. Not sure about u2 then again I never see that ultra used

Gen can mantis super and probably U1 it

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I also used to be able to Cosmic Heel Bison out of the end of it too. Same goes for NMB. I haven’t tried it in a long while though on EX PC. My go-to is just slide from it now.
I think it was only toward the corner was why I don’t bother with it.

Juri might not get true punishes with anything. But with Ultra 1 She can dash against you after blocking a PC and get free Feng Shui Blockstrings at you. In other words you just committed suicide.

hey guys, I don’t know where I put this , but I was in the training mode trying to figure out how I can deal with zangief light punch grab range because I always get grabbed and I was shocked to know it has more range than bison St.rh , that or there is a grab box in bison leg --
this video I made to show the problem . sorry for the poor quality , I captured it with my labtop camera -
-.hope it is clear enough to see my point