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That’s why it is Bisons worst match up, along with some other reasons

In my opinion

woops, i completely omitted gen from the list. he can u1 and super you. and for balrog i meant auto-correct u1.

i couldn’t manage to land those unless the expc got blocked after having already traveled 1/3rd it’s distance before passing through the opponent

cosmic heel is interesting. i actually wanna go test that out myself after

but yeah, like i ranted, the worse spaced the expc the easier and harder-hitting the punishes can be

Zangeif is almost even if Bison player has great footsies, which he should. Stand hk, stand mk, and neutral jump fp are godsend.

And its very easy to land juri u2 on blocked PC, ex pinwheel, and Rose’s sweep. I do it all day as those are my alts.

So apparently Bison > WillSmith and both are horrible trolls lol. I think my music choice is oddly fitting for a troll match


Had some succes with Close MP as an AA against Akuma, mostly trades but it usually favors Bison

i was playing with vega this last 2 weeks
today i returned to bison and my first match was an epic fail
can you imagine a bison with vega’s attacks?, I did -.-

so now you got some UPS bison done…lol

you at NY ?? I might go up there in FEB, maybe some offline match is cool…:stuck_out_tongue:
I will be at ATL revival but just for video and fun.
hope see some Bipson in FR…

I am not at NY and probably won’t be going anywhere as I lack the cash to do much that isn’t local.

Guile says hi.

Bison’s hard matchups at high level IMO.

Guile 2-8
Honda 3.5-6.5
Deejay 4-6
Gief 4-6
Akuma 4.5-5.5
Cammy 4.5-5.5
Viper 4.5-5.5
Fei-Long 4.5-5.5
Chun 4.5-5.5

Everything else is even or better unless there’s something I’ve yet to see from a certain character.

wow Guile is 2/8? I thought was like 3/7 or 4/6…
well if Guile don’t make mistake, I generally can’t win or get chip to death, I think his block string into sb is too good, my EX psycho get stuff and trade is not in my favorite. In my opinion any Guile want to play you at tourney (even know you are Bison main)and want to make you looks bad deserve a good serving of Dalhsim.

Above 9 character is Bison worst match up?? how does Dalhsim against them??

deejay a bad match up? why? i could imagine 5-5 or even bison favour a little bit… s.forward beats most of deejays attacks on start up and his wakeup is free to c.strong (among other things). bison can even escape most pressure pretty handily with an expc. the max-out into slide shit is kinda guile-esque but once you’re in on him he seems easy enough to bully

the rest i strongly agree with though (except maybe honda is just 6-4)

Knee shot is pretty much a dive kick has far as Bison is concerned and slasher is only slightly less of a pain to deal with than sonic boom. He also has a comparable st.mk deejay’s is actually a frame faster on startup and probably has a better, less vulnerable hitbox, maybe slightly less reach.

I’ve got a counterpick strategy, but I still can’t see why guile is a 2-8. In fact I can’t see why it’s a bad match up to begin with ( probably lack of talented Guile players ).

But 2-8? Seriosly that’s too much, It can’t be that bad.

You’ll hear everything from 4-6 to 2-8 on the Guile matchup. But if you don’t see why it’s a bad matchup, you’ve never played a competent Guile. D:

Probably not I suppose, although you would think that the disadvantageous elements would rise up even with less competent players, but my choice of opponents is heavily limited yes.

why do you think cammy vs bison is only 4.5-5.5? bison is weak to divekicks, she stuns you with 2 mixups, has an unblockable j.lk after backthrow. she can punish all your attempts to build meter and you have no safe option to get out of her mixup. she may does not get in for free, but since she does so mutch more dmg+stun than bison i feel like its at least 6.5-3.5 in her favour, if not worse.

The Cammy MU is probably 6-4. Like you say above she has the damage and stun advantage on Bison, so she only needs to get in once to eradicate all of your hard work for the past 60 seconds or so. It’s probably no worse than 6-4 though because if you play the perfect game then Cammy can’t get in on you in theory, even if you take a couple of throws.

I agree about Guile being 8-2. It sounds ridiculous to actually say but even a competent Guile can give an experienced Bison so many issues. I also agree with Honda, Gief and Fei.

I think the Chun MU is 6-4 Chun though, her cr.short ends Bison so you can’t mess with her up close and she’s got the advantage from a far distance. Plus she has better comeback than Bison with her U2 and crazy air prioirty.

I think the Deejay MU is 5-5, once you knock him down he’s in trouble. At the same time he has strong zoning against Bison.

Guile literally only has to throw booms and press fierce. You’re going to lose over 25% if not more just getting him to the corner plus a lot of clock. After two reps of scissors you’re back out and he’s back to throwing boom/mashing fierce. Most Guile player suck (No offense to Guile players lol) they have poor defense and only use the character because he’s as easy mode as a character can get. If that’s the case THEN the matchup is 4-6 because the Guile is probably gonna do something stupid/ press a bad button and get blown up. However if itt’s someone like Kevin Landon who has great reactions, good spacing, and hard to crack defense then it becomes much harder.

Honda’s buttons beat Bisons and he has the damage and life advantages. He also has reliable AA’s while Bison is forced to stay on the ground unless you read a st. HP. st.MK is your only reliable footsie against Honda. Your scissors pressure virtually useless against him and sometimes. You have to outplay Honda 3x harder than he has to outplay you.

Deejay is like a lesser Guile. Yeah cr.strong rapes him on wakeup, but you have to get there first. DeeJay is another character like Guile that is played by bad players because he’s easy mode. Just with my experience against sub-par Deejay’s I can tell that against a top level Deejay with good spacing this match will be very tough. Slide beats DR, he can punish EXPC on block, random EX dread kicks beat Bison’s footsies forcing him to play scared and you have to take a lot of damage in chip getting up close. j.LK is also super annoying to deal with and gets him practically free pressure.

Cammy is manageable if you have strong footsies. Her ground game is ok, but Bison’s is much better. Keep it at a slow pace and once you get a lead play off of their mistakes. Once she get’s close it’s 2-8 in her favor lol. I have yet to play a Cammy that gave me any problems, so my opinion on this match may change. The unblockable is only an issue if you don’t have any meter. If you don’t have any meter with Bison you seriously need to work on your meter management skills. XD

Chun isn’t too bad, although I could be bias because I have lots of experience in that matchup and she’s one of my alternate characters. Zone her out with devil’s reverse to get meter early. ST.MK gives her problems and you can whiff punish all of her normals. Watch out for random sweeps and punish them. The match only becomes much of a problem when she has U1 and if the Chun player has a very strong ground game as they can use their walkspeed to walk outside the range of your st.MK and sweep it on reaction. St. MP can also be a problem. You can also take the walk forward and block approach since at some point she’s gonna corner herself and then she’s done unless she lands a random EX SBK.

Dhalsim is 5-5, I use to have problems with the match when I first played FChamp, but I got to go really hard in the lab with Jason Cole and now I feel this is one of my stronger matchups. From fullscreen Dhalsim can do nothing but build meter. Focus limbs and get you some meter until her corners you. Keep blocking those fierces, you get a little meter everytime you block one. Don’t worry about him getting super. As long as you win the first round you can afford to eat it. Try to avoid eating it unless it’s for the kill in round 2. That way in round 3 you have a full stick of butter and he has nothing. From there it’s your match to win.

There’s 3 approaches you can take with Sim.

  1. The strategy mentioned above.

  2. walk forward block, block, block some more. Be comfortable with the range and timing you can punish yoga fire with ex scissors kick also don’t be afraid to ex scissor looking for a poke, the most he’ll get for a punish is a b.HK. Just be weary of YOGA TOWER as that move will make it whiff and get you cornered.

  3. Run away with devils reverses and try to fly over him so he corners himself. This can be risky because if he guesses right on the slide spacing he can throw you. I’ve had a good bit of success with this approach and it often gets Sim cornered very quick which keeps him from building much meter. Lastly DON’T DO RANDOM SCISSOR KICKS! Yoga tower will get you thrown into the corner and get you back at square one. Bait that move out, st. HK him in the noggin and make him scared. SK him every once in awhile to force him to respect it, but unless you can link it off of something you have to be very careful pressuring him up close.

Jakob speaking the truth. Good shit.

i’m watching the latest Excellent Adventures and i found Reversing_Devil getting matched vs combofiend. around 13 min 05 sec mark.