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Why is every thread in this sub-forum that doesn’t show SFxT in a positive light being locked? Capcops (mods) at work? The chain combos thread for instance…you have people discussing how it dumbs the game down and suddenly it’s locked. I know it would be nice to have everything negative hidden away in the Ranting thread for PR purposes but there are some legitimate arguments that deserve their own threads.


Fun fact: Many mods here are also mods on Capcom-Unity. They’re basically ordered to silence any complaints about the game.
d3v is a prime example of such a person.


Rareburger, I’m not stating an opinion on the game either way right now and I’m not dissing you or anything, but I think the answer is a bit obvious. It’s because there are already a ranting thread, a balance thread, and a general discussion thread in which to discuss or even just rage about the mechanics, marketing, and design philosophy of the game.

Most of the negative comments that can easily be made about SFxT at this point (and I’m not dismissing them) have already been made. There are places to elaborate on them, and if there’s any actually new info or insight which casts SFxT in a negative light, not only are there places to put it but I doubt anyone would crack down on it if it were expressed in those threads even semi-intelligibly.

That said, I don’t know what it is with this specific game over so many others than have caused faneurysms (did I just make that up?) but I have never seen a flood of nearly identical complaint posts as with SFxT. Some issues might deserve their own threads indeed, but the way things have been going without strict moderation there wouldn’t be one “DLC on disc! How dare you good sir?!” thread, there would be seventy.

I can’t speak for the mods here, but I’m guessing part of the strict moderation is in deference to those posters who are into the game and come here to explore and discuss it, but (and you might disagree with me here) I’d say an equally large part is to keep this place functional as a browsable forum. I understand that there might be productive discussions about what in particular has gone wrong and should have been done differently, and your question was why any negative threads are locked, not just rehashes, but the only reason I can think of to want these outside of the above three mentioned venues is to increase the chance of being read by regulars and starting a back-and-forth. Up until now, that’s always lead to the quality of conversation that belongs in the ranting thread anyway, so…


If the thread was locked it was either A) A topic that didn’t deserve a new thread, B) Something that already had a specific thread for or C) Blatant trolling / flame baiting / whining.

This game gets a LOT of hate, everybody has the right to their own opinion, whether it’s good or bad - and it’s mostly bad even here, mind you. My (our) job here is to make sure that the people that do like the game can discuss it without having to be shat on by the people that hate it. The DLC issue is the biggest offender, with people bringing it up in threads that have nothing to do with it, ruining legit discussion. It’s pretty damn simple: as long as it isn’t productive discussion (and “chains dumb down the game” is NOT an example), it either goes to the ranting thread or keep it out of this board.

And with that, this thread has no reason to exist either. Next time, PM a mod.


Because that Chain Combos thread was pretty dumb. FGD regulars were all laughing at it in the scrubquotes thread and a number of other folks were asking me to infract the OP for being dumb (which I didn’t by the way). For the record, I barely even moderate here and tend to let Jamp and the rest of the team do most of the work since I’m busy with Tech Talk and the front page.