This to all California players


This tell my story of deal with FGC and why no longer have my one to casual play any more that it and be safe out there


The story is unfortunate and I am sorry for events that taken place, but the whole situation can also be avoided easily.

The questions I have are:

  1. Have you had previous interactions with these people?
  2. If not, why would you go with strangers in general?
  3. Have you gone to many locals and established yourself within the community?
  4. Since they are strangers, you could have made a binding contract for them to sign why didnt you?

They are playing for money of course you’re gonna take the win.
When you’re in a tournament setting you have to get whatever edge you can. You came all the way out to Vegas to win.

Anyways, chalk it up to experience, because this whole thing could have been avoided.

  1. Have you had previous interactions with these people? yes we meet on face book two months ago and talk on phone as well
  2. If not, why would you go with strangers in general? NA
  3. Have you gone to many locals and established yourself within the community? there no community in my area so this why reach out like I did
  4. Since they are strangers, you could have made a binding contract for them to sign why didnt you? that is did think was for trip for a gaming event but it point I think of in future.


I watched the video. WTF is wrong with these douchbags?


I am ban form group we all meet at so it whole lot bs going on


Any chance you can post a link to the group?

I’m sorry to hear about the BS that went down. I know how it feels to not really have a community around you and having to travel just to get some games in. Honestly I wouldn’t shun the whole community though. I know you pointed out some good people at the end but just remember any community is full good and bad apples. Next time just make sure you got a friend go along with you so your not the loner in the group even if they don’t care to play (who honestly would turn down a trip to Vegas?).


What happened in the video is absolutely terrible and the man in the video has a point.
As much as there are some amazing people in this community there are people equally as bad. The thing is thatI find that you have to be more aware and cautious around individuals in the gaming community compared to other commmunities.

I find some of the individuals tend to be grown little boys rather than men and I think the video does a great job of letting people from other communities know beforehand that they need to approach cautiously.

Although certain issues in this video could have been avoided, the point was that having come from multiple different communities, he never expected to run into these problems with people he had an agreement with. Especially after coming from communities where he would have not have had this problem.

Im sorry that all that happened to you man but like others said, please dont let it turn you from the FGC because there are truly some amazing people that are in it, like the individuals you mentioned that had helped you out.

The FGC needs more good hearted individuals and also as many KOF fighters as it can get.

Try going again next year and bringing a good friend of yours so you can meet other good people in the community.


I don’t known yet if I will give names try take high ground on this one


taking high ground is great, but you need to help the rest of the people from running into the same issues by identifying the problem. not everyone in the FGC is like the people you’ve met.

i would share all info, or release that to key individuals to get the full story.

"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

So if want how people are there names and face can be find by Main Event Status


Well it been put out name are release here


Damn man that sucks. I feel so bad you had to experience that. Not everyone in the FGC is like that. However like LB stated it is important for us as community leaders to know who these individuals are, not only to get the full story but to make sure this doesn’t happen again. Thanks for sharing this.


well here are names and here the transcripts guys did to me are Brian Jones Andre Garcia Brian Roberts if go to link at bottom of page all people talk are on there and since video came out they close the group of they are out of Merced CA, Visalia, CA Brian Jones is admin for group and ban me same day car broke down. if people need pic of these guy please let I will get them to you

Brian Jones
Andre, did you have a chance to talk to Sebastien about EVO? I need to start locking shit down. I’m looking to reserve a room at The Quad (formerly Imperial Palace) for $200 from the 11th to the 16th. I figured I can throw the room down, and you two and whoever else can split that cost with me when you come through. Transportation? Do you guys up there have a car? I was looking at Greyhound round trip for $80…not too shabby. Let me know what’s up.
Share · May 27 at 11:41pm near Visalia, CA
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• Andre Garcia Just got home from work, I’m about to hit up sebass
May 27 at 11:45pm
• Brian Jones Do it.
May 27 at 11:45pm
• Brian Jones Matt Central-valley, I need to know what’s up with you going this year. Maybe pay for your transportation, and I’ll cover you hotel split? I just wanna see you go, homie. Ricardo? Brian?
May 27 at 11:46pm
• Andre Garcia how many beds is the quad?
May 27 at 11:51pm
• Brian Jones What my wife looked at, just one king. I believe it comes with a couch as well. I’ll ask her to look at 2 bed rooms
May 27 at 11:54pm
• Andre Garcia ok sebass is about to call me back soon
May 27 at 11:54pm
• Brian Jones Ok, I can get a 2 queen bed room for an extra 5 bucks a day, or $225 total for the stay, or I can get 2 doubles for the same $200
May 28 at 12:01am
• Andre Garcia I think the queen might be better
May 28 at 12:02am
• Brian Jones Yeah buddy
May 28 at 12:03am
• Brian Jones 225/3 = 75 a person, if it’s just us 3…
May 28 at 12:03am
• Brian Jones Just imagine if a couple more people came, it’d be even less.
May 28 at 12:04am
• Andre Garcia so you me and who else if it were only 3?
May 28 at 12:04am
• Brian Jones Sebass, yo.
May 28 at 12:04am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i do wanna go if i find a new apartment by then and can get money for transpertation im down
May 28 at 12:04am
• Andre Garcia yeah I see, just need his confirmation thats all.
May 28 at 12:05am
• Brian Jones I need YOUR confirmation, too!
May 28 at 12:05am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited lol
May 28 at 12:05am
• Brian Jones Get to gettin, Matt. I’m gonna reserve the room in Mid-June
May 28 at 12:06am
• Brian Jones I’m gonna register at the same time for Tag.
May 28 at 12:06am
• Andre Garcia I’m going for sure, thats my final answer
May 28 at 12:07am · 1
• Andre Garcia oh shit bigworm gonna register for evo
May 28 at 12:07am · 1
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited im apartment hunting tomorrow i will know soon
May 28 at 12:07am
• Brian Jones I thought you knew I was gonna register this year?
May 28 at 12:07am
• Brian Jones You need to find out YESTERDAY!
May 28 at 12:07am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited finally!!!
May 28 at 12:07am
• Andre Garcia No you never said anything about it.
May 28 at 12:07am
• Brian Jones Oh, so yeah, I’m registering for EVO this year. LMAO
May 28 at 12:09am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i know just things been happening lately that i cant control and makes everything a maybe
May 28 at 12:09am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited where is Sebastien Yangaka shoto #1
May 28 at 12:10am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited Albert Shinkuis shoto #2 lol
May 28 at 12:11am
• Andre Garcia speaking of registration, I need to register lol. Bout to fork over $90 for P4A and TTT2.
May 28 at 12:11am
• Brian Jones Hopefully there’s still spots open mid-June.
May 28 at 12:11am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited just those 2 games?
May 28 at 12:11am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited cant reserve now?
May 28 at 12:12am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited mid june kinda late
May 28 at 12:12am
• Andre Garcia Yeah, its the only ones I’ve actually been practicing.
May 28 at 12:12am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited sfxt ??? lmao
May 28 at 12:12am
• Brian Jones I don’t have that kind of money right now. Because it’s so cheap, I gotta pay it all up front.
May 28 at 12:13am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i see wish i could help on that
May 28 at 12:14am
• Andre Garcia It’d better to things early anyways, since we can save a ton of money.
May 28 at 12:14am
• Andre Garcia Plus I could use the extra cash as leeway when we play roulette lol
May 28 at 12:14am
• Andre Garcia Fuck sfxtk I play it only for fun lol
May 28 at 12:15am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited andre you have the cash to pay up front?
May 28 at 12:15am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited lol i know just messing with you
May 28 at 12:15am
• Andre Garcia ^^yes I do
May 28 at 12:15am
• Brian Jones If worse comes to worse, we can book at the Super 8 where we stayed last time. I just google mapped it, and it’s RIGHT behind Paris lmao
May 28 at 12:15am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited marlo going?
May 28 at 12:15am
• Brian Jones Andre you saying you can book The Quad right now? I’m already 100%, yo.
May 28 at 12:16am
• Brian Jones I’ll text him up tomorrow.
May 28 at 12:16am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited who ever is going make sure register with same zip code so you guys arent in the same pools
May 28 at 12:16am
• Brian Jones What’s the transportation gonna be like? I hit up Greyhound, and round trip for Visalia to LV is $80
May 28 at 12:17am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i might do that if i can gonna ask my sister lol
May 28 at 12:17am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i have a car but gas hog
May 28 at 12:17am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited another v6 engine lol worse than my mazda
May 28 at 12:18am
• Brian Jones What is it?
May 28 at 12:18am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited old caddy
May 28 at 12:18am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited 94
May 28 at 12:18am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited mazda was actually good on gas for v6
May 28 at 12:18am
• Brian Jones We’d be going comfortably, though, lmao
May 28 at 12:19am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i spend 60 round trip to sac lol very true big inside
May 28 at 12:19am
• Brian Roberts I’ll meet you guys there. Im AIR MOBILE. lol
May 28 at 12:19am via mobile
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited you staying somewhere already derps?
May 28 at 12:19am
• Brian Jones You staying with us, Brian?
May 28 at 12:20am
• Sebastien Yang Aite guys I dnt know if I’m going anymore. But who’s going forsure this year?
May 28 at 12:20am via mobile
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited Daniel Ramirez you going this year?
May 28 at 12:20am
• Brian Jones Jonathan?
May 28 at 12:21am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i know Fernando Ortizsince Shane Burkhart weddong is around the same time
May 28 at 12:21am
• Brian Jones What you mean Sebastien?
May 28 at 12:21am · 1
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited count seabass out doesnt even show up to play with Jason Isiah Cole
May 28 at 12:21am
• Jonathan Alegre ??
May 28 at 12:23am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited evo yo evo thats what he is asking
May 28 at 12:23am
• Brian Jones EVO, man, you going?
May 28 at 12:23am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited Jesse Douglas Puett you planning on going this year?
May 28 at 12:24am
• Sebastien Yang I’m too free guys I dnt think ima go this year aha.
May 28 at 12:24am via mobile
• Andre Garcia Just go sebass, just make this your last evo
May 28 at 12:25am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited freebass and rainwalker gonna stay home so lame!!!
May 28 at 12:25am · 1
• Jonathan Alegre Si
May 28 at 12:25am · 1
• Sebastien Yang Count heraldo out too
You guys should make the mien go. Lol
May 28 at 12:27am via mobile
• Brian Jones Jonathan you wanna go this year!? Marlo?
May 28 at 12:27am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited LO tier would go and play you guys should too
May 28 at 12:28am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited Jason Rodriguez i know you been secretly playing tekken even tho you say you hate it lol
May 28 at 12:31am
• Sebastien Yang I dnt think lo would go lol
May 28 at 12:32am via mobile
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael I can drive u guys if u cover gas what not.
May 28 at 12:33am · 2
• Brian Jones ^This.
May 28 at 12:33am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited Domenic Tedeschi are you going?
May 28 at 12:34am
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael what ur number let get this work on now see if work for every one
May 28 at 12:34am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i dont know if im going yet
May 28 at 12:35am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited trying to
May 28 at 12:35am
• Brian Jones Any chance I could get scooped up? I live in Visalia, so it’s on the way.
May 28 at 12:35am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited that would save you atleast 40 bucks lol
May 28 at 12:36am
• Brian Jones Money is money, yo.
May 28 at 12:37am · 1
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i agree
May 28 at 12:37am · 1
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Brian Jones I can do that
May 28 at 12:37am · 1
• Andre Garcia This time I plan on making my money back at the casino this year lol
May 28 at 12:37am · 1
• Brian Jones AWESOME!
May 28 at 12:38am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited you planned last year and ended up losing as i did $600
May 28 at 12:38am
• Brian Jones Looks like I just saved a few bucks.
May 28 at 12:38am
• Brian Jones I pinned this post since this post could be considered unofficial EVO talk. Bunch of people that might wanna go are tagged throughout the post.
May 28 at 12:39am
• Andre Garcia I hella did not plan anything last year. Everything was last minute cause fuckin sebass wanted to play daigo, so I ended up going for his ass without any practice.
May 28 at 12:40am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited true lol
May 28 at 12:40am
• Central-valley Fighting-StylesUnited i remember that lol last min freebass
May 28 at 12:41am
• Andre Garcia Yeah he hella wanted me to go when I didn’t want to go. The least he can do is return the fuckin favor.
May 28 at 12:43am
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael I can fit 4 people in my car wife like known If guys mind feed me think I can cover my pass
May 28 at 12:43am
• Andre Garcia Hey I might want to hop in that lol
May 28 at 12:44am
• Andre Garcia This would be so easy if everyone had jobs lol
May 28 at 12:50am · 1
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael So wife will be let use prius so it take 100 bucks for round trip and other place you guys need to go.
May 28 at 12:51am
• Brian Jones Got damn that’s crazy cheap. I’ll chip in my $5 lmao!
May 28 at 12:52am · 1
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael 33 dollars a person will cover trip
May 28 at 12:52am · 1
• Brian Jones SOLD! To the man driving the Prius. LMAO
May 28 at 12:58am · 1
• Brian Roberts I have a ride out there, but no hotel ATM.
May 28 at 1:51am via mobile
• Andre Garcia ^^You got a first class ride on a fighter jet soldier lmao
May 28 at 2:51am · 3
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael look like right now riding to is EVO Makkis Phenix Yarbrough Andre Garcia Brian Jones if their change leave message on Facebook phone number
May 29 at 3:22pm · 1
• Brian Jones Andre, did you find out if you got the days off?
May 29 at 3:25pm via mobile · 2
• Matt Pemberton any news on the hotel ?
June 2 at 1:22am
• Brian Jones Gotta hit up Andre Garcia
June 2 at 1:23am via mobile
• Matt Pemberton im trying to get some money together
June 2 at 1:24am
• Brian Jones Just bug the shit outta Andre and see if got the days off. Also, Marlo is talking about going this year again, according to Jonathan.
June 2 at 1:25am via mobile
• Matt Pemberton dope well andre sounded like it was a for sure thing when i seen him the other day
June 2 at 1:26am
• Brian Jones Tell him to lock that shit down. I can hit up Jonathanand see if him and Marlo wanna get in with the hotel and split the cost even further…
June 2 at 1:28am via mobile
• Matt Pemberton true
June 2 at 1:29am
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Update my friend Chris Thrashermight be going so if that case car is full at moment.If there change I let you guys known.So is now riders are Makkis Phenix Yarbrough Brian Jones Andre Garcia it 33 bucks person food and room is cover by you guys I cover my pass to EVO so if any issus let me known.
June 4 at 6:36am
• Andre Garcia Brian call me to discuss the hotel. There are some things I need to clarify with you.
June 4 at 3:40pm
• Brian Jones I’m working right now. I’ll call you on my break around 500-515. I can text you if necessary.
June 4 at 3:43pm via mobile
• Andre Garcia Ok guys, I just booked the Hotel for Vegas. Jul 11th-15th. 2 queen beds. Let me know who’s down to stay and pitch in.
June 4 at 4:18pm
• Brian Jones You already know I’m 100%
June 4 at 4:18pm via mobile
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Andre Garcia were book the room at how much is it Chris Thrasher is thinking get his own room.
June 6 at 7:24am
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael there might be other open sit for EVO
June 13 at 6:04pm · Edited
• Matt Pemberton who isnt going?
June 13 at 6:12pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael My friend Chris won’t be off till Friday and ever one want be down on Thurday which I be picking up people wedday night
June 13 at 6:16pm · Edited · 1
• Brian Jones Thursday is the absolute latest we can be, because the tournaments start early Friday morning.
June 13 at 6:16pm · 1
• Brian Jones And, we not trying to get there like 10:30 Thursday night and immediately go to sleep haha
June 13 at 6:16pm · 1
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Ok cool thinking leave late Wednesday night Early Thursday night
June 13 at 6:18pm
• Brian Jones Thursday morning? That’s what we did last year, and got in Vegas around noon I think.
June 13 at 6:20pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Like make trip down as simple as can as easy on everyone it 8hr not counting on picking up people on way dow.
June 13 at 6:22pm · 1
• Brian Jones I’m about a 5 minute drive off of 99
June 13 at 6:24pm · 1
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael As we get closer to event need everyone info so can make trip plan.
June 13 at 6:26pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Matt Pemberton do need ride down
June 13 at 6:27pm
• Matt Pemberton not sure if i can go yet
June 13 at 6:30pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Well I might just drive back and get him since I in no events
June 13 at 6:40pm
• Matt Pemberton thats too far
June 13 at 6:50pm
• Matt Pemberton to go back and forth
June 13 at 6:50pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Well he take time off and good friend so it be worth it
June 13 at 6:52pm
• Brian Jones Wait, so, you talking about driving us to Vegas, then driving back and picking up you friend? DAMN SON!
June 13 at 6:52pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael it only 16hrs total drive time lol I use to be truck driver lol
June 13 at 6:54pm
• Brian Jones Oh ok, so that ain’t shit for you, lmao
June 13 at 6:55pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Get hotel and then sleep then live out Thurday night be back Friday evening night it no big miss first day of the event
June 13 at 7:07pm
• Matt Pemberton true but still alot of driving
June 13 at 7:15pm
• Matt Pemberton nd gs
June 13 at 7:16pm
• Matt Pemberton and gas
June 13 at 7:16pm
• Brian Jones What, an extra $20 with that thing? LMAO
June 13 at 7:16pm
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael Well official my friend will going to EVO it will last long haul drive lol
June 14 at 9:37pm
• Andre Garcia So are me and Brian the only ones running it back on Gold Coast? lol
June 15 at 6:44pm · 2
• Brian Jones There’s gotta be more! Marlo is going, but going our friend Jon I believe.
June 15 at 6:56pm via mobile
• Aaron Diggins This is hilarious lol
June 15 at 7:14pm via mobile · 1
• Andre Garcia I think Alex might go with us now.
June 24 at 5:29pm
• Matt Pemberton Fuckin alex is he gonna enter?
June 24 at 5:33pm via mobile · 1
• Andre Garcia I’m in the process of convincing him
June 24 at 5:52pm · 1
• Brian Jones Do it!
June 24 at 6:09pm via mobile
• Andre Garcia He’s being hesitant due to his lack of matchup knowledge.
June 24 at 6:10pm
• Brian Roberts Thats Alex just makin excuses. haha
June 24 at 6:10pm · 1
• Brian Jones He’s talking about lack of matchup knowledge? Look what happened to me at Showdown! No excuse!
June 24 at 6:18pm via mobile
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael So since did reg I can’t get in to evo now
July 3 at 10:16am
• Juvae WhiteJesus Carmichael just to watch
July 3 at 10:16am
• Aaron Diggins Om still laughing
July 3 at 10:51am via mobile

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here you go


Man, I heard about what happened and I must say that I’m very disgusted. Those three dudes need to be punished big time! >:(


Sorry, but I can’t feel sympathetic in the least for you Dark Guyver. You speak in the video about having a good up bringing, but I fail to think your parents didn’t try to teach you some common sense. Who travels 16+ hours with people they never met (sorry facebook and phone calls don’t count) then depends on them to provide him with food?! Sorry, but like the rest of the real world, the fgc has its share of shady and questionable people. Sorry you had the misfortune of dealing with them, but to make up a video implying this sort of thing represents the fgc as a whole and distributing it over the internet is incredibly irresponsible and really hurts those of us in the fgc who are trying to do some good. So please the next time you make a personal mistake try to take some responsibility instead of pushing the blame on others.


Feel sorry for ya bud. I admire your trust in going on a road trip with people you don’t know or haven’t met in person, but I feel as though you were too trusting. It doesn’t matter that they are part of the fighting game community – every community has their bad apples and it seems as though you unfortunately got paired up in some people that are bad apples. That being said, as someone who is new to the community myself, It’s a little worrisome. I’ve heard my fair share of negative stories about the fighting game scene, and there is a large stereotype for the average fighting gamer. I plan on going to EVO next year and hopefully some local tournaments when I get better, but I can’t say I’m not nervous I’ll be first interacting with some fighting game communities. I hope you’ve learned from this and I hope you don’t judge the community by your bad experience.

That being said, I do wanna say that those toquitos at 7-11’s and gas stations are legit as hell.


sorry to hear about this man. I think this could have been avoided for the obvious reasons but with that said, i dont blame you for the actions of those 3 other individuals. In life we have to learn lessons and sadly you learned one about dealing with strangers. This isnt a FGC thing but more like a human issue. There are scumbags in every community. Good Police and Crooked police for example.

Anyway sorry to hear about your 1st evo. If possible, I would suggest trying to go to Locals/Majors and meeting friends in person. Building those relationships in person and then try to coordinate these trips. Sadly, trying to do this with strangers opens you up to being taken advantage of.



ya you that guy


Really? Are you really trying to say that that guy is as bad as the people who wronged you? Nothing he said was wrong. You are trying to get sympathy from people and anyone that criticizes your decisions is part of the problem. You made very obvious mistakes, you even admitted it in the video. You post this video to make the FGC look bad when you don’t know the first thing about it, you got screwed by 4 nobodies and now you are complaining about it here, in a public forum.

Edit: That was wrongly worded, I realize it isn’t your intention to make the FGC look bad, but by including these people in the FGC, you make everyone else look bad. And by claiming that people who criticize your decisions to be part of the problem, you only make this worse for yourself.