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it’s just japanese language. LMAO


Actually, I can confirm. I have heard a lot of this quite often living here.

Couple more weird/colloquial ones.

Burokkingu means to parry
Kusokyara means shit character or character that is too strong.
Kusoge means shitty game, however, often people say it when they are losing
Saikyo/saiko kyara means strong or strongest character, sometimes said begrudgingly.
Janken some times refers to the mixup game or neutral situation. Means rock paper scissors in japanese
Nagete/ta mean to throw as well, you hear it a lot this said this way.

The S in S tier stands for Saiko btw


中段 (n) - chuudan: Overhead
上段 (n) - jodan: Mid Attack

this is odd, chuudan should be mid attack while jodan is a high attack.


Sometimes Yami (means Darkness) is used to refer to OP characters.
nagete and nageta are te-form and past-form of the word nageru, means throw. Nage is a noun.


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What does Saiko mean? Is it just the English word “psycho”?


Saikyou means “Strongest”, while Saikou means “Best”.


Very interesting.


Are these from the versus-city website?


Versus-city website? Could you give me a link to it?


Sooo generous



Whats up with this " deleted by its creator" shit?


My powers of deduction tell me he got rumbled for copy-pasting from the Versus City lexicon and wrote over his own posts in embarrassment?

It’s a shame, the info was interesting.

A similar list can be found on the Melty forums, for anyone interested:


So why not the OP just leave a link or site sources?
Why delete everything and be a sour puss?

Also thanks for the Link.


Also just leave it up. And edit it a bit. There is no Japanese person who will get pissed that there words were on a website. If that was the case I wouldn’t ever find any porn. The rest of it isn’t necessary.