This video is dedicated to magnetic itachi

here it is. what everybody who hates magnetic itachi wanted to see

is this grand finals from evo?

You mean SBO right?!

I’m guessing Magnetic Itachi is a top player otherwise we wouldn’t care about this vid right

God you guys are terrible. Stop playing 3s.

Close this mess. This shouldn’t even be here. This is another reason why I dislike that game. Ever noob thinks he is the ish then when he gets beasted by some cat that comes from the shadows they lose a part of there soul.

Edit: DeadEye said it right.

oh sweet! purple ibuki!

EDIT:just saw the thread you were talking about
you and m.itachi are TRASH.

no he started a thread that pissed me and a lot of people off so i had to reply. he was talkn too much shit. he he had to but put in his place

i would love to play you to see how good you are.

:rofl: 07’ members for the lose.

Edit: In before lock/potential ban of Hood Hair :tup:


I would crush you like an ant.

whats good when. whats your gamertag



Get the fuck outta here.

its whatever u want to do

Dude play him and then put that on youtube so I can see if its going down.

thats exactly what im gonna do

you guys shouldnt make fun of someone with down syndrome.

lol ahahahahhaahahahaha

You know Lyle is talking about you, right?

what the fuck is this shit

get this crap off my board