This video pretty much explains it... a Sagat tribute

Posted by Lord Aborigine recently of the Japan National Tournament Kyushu Area Qualifiers 2010. Btw, don’t mind the date of 06/02/2010, as Japan does their date system of day/month/year if you didn’t know that. If anyone has any doubts as to why Sagat is a hard match for our beloved Red Cyclone, look no further as this is probably indicative as to how other high-level Gief/Sagat matches are this late in the game. This is quite painful to watch if you main the big man. You’ve been warned.


Part of me just died :frowning:

*OP note: I know I probably should have posted this in the video thread, but this needed some extra attention imho. I just couldn’t see ANY openings at all. This one made me think that Seth is an easier match in all honesty.

sorry but that guy had so many openings. If sagat does to much …for example like he starts a pattern of after every tiger shot he does two then, its up to the player to notice it. Even though that’s a terrible match up, i don’t think this gief played that well either. I’m trying to act like I’m perfect but he had alot of openings. watch the videos that i put up of maho shojo zangitan vs another sagat on the same level as RF and if not better. He didn’t try to build meter or poke or do anything besides jumping.


Here is a real high level match. And yes it’s not easy, but at least present a great gief being raped by sagat rather than a poor one.

Here’s Zangitan [media=youtube]3orSA6rb4Tc[/media]

Yeah… not much better. The guy just adapted to his game. Then he got impatient.

The first guy made alot of mistakes you need to KKK throught the lows and then crouching mk the highs back him into a corner and use the ex gh on reaction to a fireball or round house. then hes down and abuse the wake up mix ups. He could have taken him if he just relaxed a bit. Its not easy but i think its not 9-1 like that match up would make it seem.

Zangitan did it much better he could have ultraed in the third round at 2:20 but missed it. I think to beat a very high level sagat you need to land an ultra otherwised his damage output is just way to high 2 compete. The trick is trying to land the ultra without looking like you are trying to land an ultra.

You can’t make any mistakes or drop any combos. I find that if I drop a combo even once, it’s very hard to win in that match. You basically just have to do everything perfectly. If Sagat guesses wrong a couple of times and you guess right, then you can take the round. But if he guesses right or you just can’t find a way in, then there’s no way to win.

i agree with both you and crapface. I personally think the gief player at high levels of play vs a sagat has to be perfect. That means, he must guess right ever single time, drop no combos and not be predicted. This fucking hard you have to introduce new things into that match, that the sagat won’t ever expect you to do. You can’t be random because even gief can’t afford to get hit by anything… not anything. If gief get’s tiger knee once thats terrible or a tu or even thrown that just resets the match back to the beginning but now gief has lower health and and sagat has more meter.

Sagat ability to kara any of his special moves is what truly gives gief his problems, also the fucking horrible hit box on sagats and forward hk and the knock back from his moves. Well, almost everything that sagat have give gief a hard time but i mostly think, the damage output and the knockback from those moves resets the match ever single time and starts gief at full screen again.

There really is no need to keep talking about this match-up. Yes its gief most hardest fight but really who cares. SSF4 Sagat is being nerf hard with less damage output, low health, and slower TS. So everyone just calm down and deal with Sf4 Sagat for another 2 months until SSF4 comes out. After April 27, 2010 this will all seem like just a bad dream for gief. :tup:

its always hard watching vids like these. i honestly think it’s not gonna change much in super. the matchup’s still gonna be a joke for gief. obviously sagats lower health will be helpful but he still has his fireballs, rh, and the bullshit trades so nothing will change. plus, i really don’t think giefs air ultra will be useful against GOOD sagats so there’s another miss for gief. on the other hand, if giefs regular gh, rbg, and cr.rh were improved then it would help tremendously but i doubt any of those things are being improved.

That video is a perfect example that many Zangief players don’t patiently play this match-up. If any time RTSD is said to not work, it’s in this match-up.

im willing to bet Zangief is still gonna have a 8-2 match up in SSf4
some random new charater is going to have all priority against anything zangief can do

hopefully your right man. But considering not having too much info on the angry scar, i wouldn’t say everything is going to change. A few things has been changed for the better but at the same time nothing is truly finalized yet… so, no one can or can not say it’s going to be better or worse.

honestly i don’t care about the bad match ups. if gief didn’t have any then he would be broken. Please you have to think positive and be like, " more people to fucking spd " and that’s it. I’m not scared of anyone …well, maybe seth but that’s it lol i hate seth. But overall we have to just “RUSH THAT SHIT DOWN” as alex valle says.

too bad if u try and “rush” a good sagat down, you’ll get destroyed in about 10 seconds lol.

i dont know if its lag cause offline the people i play non of the play sagat but sometimes i stuff or trade sagat hk with a jumping mk or with

sorry bro, i didn’t mean that in a complete literal sense lol. i meant it as, don’t be afraid just because it’s a 7-3 match up and basically do wtf you have to do to beat the other person’s ass. Like chris hu says " You no scared…i no scared ". I try my best to adopt this philosophy and it’s a damn good one at that… LETS GET IT LOL.

This is me fighting Sanford, one of the best Sagats in the country. It’s a really difficult fight, and although I lost, I think I gave him a good fight.

Also, check out 00:38 - I pulled off a standing ultra


seriously, if sagat still has that trade bullshit in super then that’s freaking ridiculous.

I can’t really check on it right now, because my Xbox is still out on repair. I’ve managed to SPD Sagat’s st. HK several times before, to great shock and amazement. It’s almost like getting a stretching Dhalsim, that’s just how wrong it looks. I’m wondering if someone could provide an image or small video outlining just what distance is necessary for this to happen, because that kick has been a great tool against me. Otherwise, I’ll just have to investigate it when I get my Xbox back and really pay attention to Training Stage lines.

Sagat is easier to beat than ryu , now ryu is the big problem