This was for kids?

Terrifying. [media=youtube]cqi5F5MqqTQ&feature=related[/media]

Amazing. That was very well made and it’s a cool, original design for Satan too. Really liked the ideas, especially if this was really meant to be a children’s show.

I must’ve seen this 20 times already over the years, but it still fucking creeps me out

Yea, the concept if fairly deep and I imagine it would be over most kids’ heads. Regardless, though I felt a sense of despair just watching it. I kind of made sense.

Seen this a lot. It would have definitly went over children’s heads, but its good it wasn’t shown. I found the creators interpertation of Satan and what he looks like very intresting.

CREEEPY… cool though.

The Adventures of Mark Twain eh? Stories like this are right up my alley. By the way, as bad ass as the story and theology are, I chuckled when the guard gave himself pecs.