This weekend - Chicago Tournament of Legends Qualifier [Friday May 25 to Sunday May 27]


If you are going this weekend, there is a EVO Tournament of Legends Qualifier held at UFGT.


I think DGV is going to take this one.


Are they using challonge for the brackets? Would love to see it.


According to Valle’s twitter acct:

1st = Valle
2nd = DGV
3rd = EMP Hiro



  1. LU|Alex Valle
  2. DGV
  3. EMP|Hiro
  4. EG|Floe
  5. EG|Justin Wong
  6. Immortal
  7. SuperFX
  8. Chris Gamble

Big Thanks to Zenblaster for providing all the equipment for the tournament :tup: It was great meeting some old an new faces at the tournament…had a blast hanging out with all of you guys (Brent, Matt, Alex, Chris, Mario, etc). The tournament had a really great turnout!

Some notes regarding the tournament, maybe Immortal can fill in some of the blanks for me. IRC the tournament had a total of 41 entrants broken up into 4 pools. I have to admit that Immortal match with EMP Hiro was definitely the match of the tournament…hopefully someone recorded it.

Pool 1 Advancers: Immortal (Vega), SuperFX (Blanka)
Pool 2 Advancers: Justin Wong (O.Sagat), Chris Gamble (Honda)
Pool 3 Advancers: DGV (Ryu), Floe (O. Sagat, Ryu)
Pool 4 Advancers: Valle (Ryu), EMP Hiro (Bison, Chun Li, O.Sagat)

SemiFinals Results:
Valle defeats J. Wong (3-0) Winners Semifinal
EMP Hiro defeats Chris Gamble (3-1?) Losers Semifinal
DGV defeats Immortal (3-2) Winners Semifinal
Valle defeats DGV (3-2) Winners Final I believe?
DGV defeats EMP Hiro (3-0) Losers Final

Brent or someone else, can you guys fill in the blanks for the other semi-final matches?

Grand Finals Results:
DGV defeats Valle (4-0) From Losers to force reset
Valle defeats DGV (4-3) Championship

Congratulations to Valle for playing amazing as always! You’re definitely in prime shape for Tournament of Legends. Look forward to seeing a lot of you guys at Evo :sunglasses:


4-0 on Valle? damn. Thats nasty Ken. Shit just got real.


I dont know man. Seems like valle always cockblocks DGV for the 1st place.
DGV, you need to watch that jeff schaeffer youtube video and forget that you’re fighting valle

j/k :stuck_out_tongue:


Is there a stream archive or video recording of the matches?