This would make me play Marvel vs. Capcom 2 religiously


What?! Juggernaut is evolving!

“Does he know who I am? He must not know who I am!”

Juggs is already unstoppable, why the hell would he need to evolve? See Also: The Juggernaut, Bitch!

Old…plus this would belong in the Video section of the GD…

Negged everyone in this thread that has a 07 join date…:rofl:

This was already posted on gamefaqs a while back, and does this thread even belong on FGD’s?

I don’t see anywhere else to post it.

Also, I had an account back in 2003 or so. It’s just that I took a four year break from Shoryuken, and when I decided to come back, my old account no long existed. Shame on your for join date discrimination. :stuck_out_tongue:

because we all go to gamefaqs

No discrimination just having some fun before my prem is up…

thats messed up:rofl:

hahaha that was funny.

Yeah, good stuff. Hadn’t seen it before myself.

Wow! There’s nothing to say to that.

I would play it religiously if I could play it on MAME.That’s where I play most of my fighting games.

Of course :tup:


Did you just neg me? :tdown:




Want MvC2? NullDC.
Don’t know where to post this? Video thread in General Discussion.
Expect us to go to GameFAQS and keep up on their stupid shit? Fuck that.

But thanks. I never seen this.

What the hell did I do to get negged two more times in this topic? O_o

Oh, and since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 IS a fighting game, I figured that this belongs in Fighting Game Discussion. I mean, it has about as much relevance to fighting games as that topic about the old Street Fighter cartoon. >_>

LOL, CapCom was just named “Corridor” in that. Too fucking good.

Wow. This isn’t only hella old, but it actually was posted in the vid thread in GD a while back. And regardless, it doesn’t belong in FGD anyway, being a thread based off of a single random youtube vid. Go back and read the FGD guidelines.