This zombies really suck

Her ability to execute three projectile attacks (zombie, dog, and crow) almost simultaneously makes Jill a frustrating opponent. She can easily combo into her special moves on the ground and in the air. On the downside her granade launcher isn’t a useful deterent for aerial attacks, but her speed and user-friendly combos more than compensate.

Some combos:

1.Jump in deep tap lp,lp,lp,lk,hp.Total= 5 hits

2.Jump in deep, tap lp, while stillin the air, tap lp, hold down, lk,hp, s.j., magic series then the hyper power rush. Total= 18 hits

3.Jump in deep, tap lp, while still in the air , tap lk,lp,lk,hold down,hk,tap lk,hp,magic series, power rush, then Hyper Power Rush. Total=22 hits

I disagree about the grenade launcher…sure it could’ve been better but you can time the explosion. I wouldn’t really use it by itself though, but I think that you can use it as part of her zoning game. Personally I think she works best with Sent/Capcom because you can really fill the screen with shit. One thing you can do is call out a fire zombie, call Sent drones, rushdown with c. shorts, delay the c. roundhouse, and if they block that you can cover yourself with a dog. I use the grenade launcher when I’m close to full-screen distance from my opponent coupled with Sent drones, crows, or Capcom AAA. Jill has two sides to her…rushdown and zoning. Most people I’ve seen are too keen on going for the OTG 9/10 of the time. She has tricks to make her a real pain in the ass. But personally…I can only see her giving Magneto a problem because her ability to fill the screen with projectiles and assists can narrow the entry of attack for a Mags player.

I just tryed something today with jill’s gernade launcher, if cable is on one side of the screen from jill or closer guess what… If jill fires her gernade launcher with lp, cable cannot punish this with AHVB, THE BULLET ACTUALLY HITS HIM OUT OF IT!!! So as long as you allready have a missle bullet thing out on the screen, he cannot get you. The gernade hits him out of AHVB. Iam not sure if this helps her game at all, but who knows…

Can someone please help me out? What is the command for Jills charge up, and the command for her grenade launcher? I do it by accident sometimes but I dont know how to it.


Her charge move is done by doing QCF +hp, and then hold hp to charge it, to release it, let go of hp.

The grenade launcher is done by doing dragon punch motion+lp or hp

hope this helps

thank you

for ppl who like slide combos, if they roll, just call a lk zombie [the grab 1], and they roll into it, so you can retaliate. Also she can combo all her supers except 1 after any medium ground attack.

as for flashy combos, this is the best i can come up with.

juggernaut ground assist

  1. lp +assist, lp, assist hits, dash in lp,lp,hp XX zombie super [qcb +kk], dash in . . .

  2. launch, magic series, lp Close combat A [qcf+p]
    XX Close Combat A+ [qcf+pp]


2.Rocket Launcher [qcf+kk]

Random post

If you do her B&B AC in the corner, go for a fierce throw on the way down. A lot of people don’t expect it. Also w/Tron Y do c. short, c. short + Tron Y XX Tyrant (wait until Tyrant goes off screen and quickly dash over with c. short for the OTG. It’s a little bit tricky, but the entire combo does 100 damage on Mags.