Thomas osaki

Why does this guy get so much love if at least 4 guys froma area could have bodied him Jeff even said he was just good reflexes and had poor straitegy

Funny how in north Cali g Wolfe choi Jason coke could body him yet nobody in SoCal could touch Tomo

I played against Osaki on GGPO

Are you sure it was the real Thomas lots of fakes out there anyways what game was it in and how good was he did he play guile

Osaki pretty much made his reputation in older SF2 games. Talking to the Wolfe brothers, they both say he was an absolutely incredible player during the HF era.

They also say it’s pretty hard to trust the words of Shaefer. He’s supposedly a notorious liar and tends to put a spin on a lot of the stuff he says.

But what IS known is that Shaefer did beat him during the old BAMA tournament that had the best of Norcal and Socal players in attendance. So I guess based off of that, and considering that Shaefer generally holds Watson and Tomo in higher regard to himself, it seemed like Socal was pretty much the best at SF2 up until ST.

Osaki played in one of the early Evos but got destroyed and hasn’t been seen since. You’d have to talk to the Wolfes to find out more info.

Yeah Jeff says osaki had anazing reflexes but lacked in stratiegy then John choi took him over but wouldn’t Alex and graham have only been like 11 during the ce days they looked 15 16 during the b3 alpha 2 days lol I believe tomo was the best from ce to Hf over all apoc beat him once with rog but rog is a Ryu countervpick and guys in la didn’t know how to fight rog apoc said back then I wish Thomas and tomo would play some fight Cade for the hell of it and say north cal vs SoCal it’s just an old game why let pride get in the way

Alex and Graham made their mark in ST more than any other game. They actually had a HF cabinet in their garage. So they were good at it, but didn’t really make any tournament progress at that time.

Tomo was the best pretty much up until SSF2 when he retired. Even in World Warrior he dominated. I’ve hung out with a few guys who used to hang out at Tomo’s local arcade and play with him since the beginning (Super Arcade), and they said that he even played Honda and wrecked shop. If you know anything about Honda, he was always a terrible character outside of maybe SSF2.

Honda was good character in HF - though certainly hurt in the Guile-Ryu-Sagat metagame. Buttslams had a really weird trajectory which could even counter sweeps on the way up in that game. He was toned down in SSF2 - O.Honda is a beast because he earned several cancels in ST, only.

He seemed okay, but I wouldn’t say good. His buttslam had a weird trajectory and speed, but sometimes didn’t knock down on hit. It’s like an early version of the Honda curse. You could make the right read, and it might connect, but there’s a possibility you can still be punished. Bizarre.

But everyone’s pretty much good in HF except Dictator. Claw is probably second worst, but even then, he has some winnable matchups sprinkled in there. Very well balanced game.

YA shadowloo suks in hyper lol besides sagat

Damn, I would’ve done anything to live in Cali in the 90’s to verse the pros that time. Sell my half siblings.

HF Honda really has only one great thing. A HK sumo smash that hits on the way up, which makes it one of the best anti-airs in the game (HF). Even if he trades with it, he recovers quickly and the trade deficit was almost always in Honda’s favor. HF Honda’s sumo smashes don’t knock down on the way up and his headbutt will not travel through characters in the air (stopping just short, making it harder to use as a long range antiair/punish), changing his play-style quite a bit in comparison to CPS2 Honda.

I’d say Honda’s a middle of the pack character in HF. Business as usual.

Honda was considered too in Japan back then a Honda player ended up winning that major tourney with gief second but I agree him being middle low tier in potential compared to everyone else

So much potential in hyper fighting to everyone but claw and dict how did Japan think Honda was better than Ryu there both japs and Ryu was the poster boy clearly dominates the game

Yes, was the real one. I don’t know if he was on FightCade, but he was on GGPO

Thomas Osaki was known for his untouchable Guile in SF2 CE, “no one could beat my guile in Street Fighter 2 champion edition, you would have to take my controls away in order to beat me” “Since super sf2 guile is one of the weakest characters of the game, i now use old ryu, old sagat, old guile, balrog, m.bison , old dhalsim to win.” Thomas Osaki interview in the Game Pros SUPER SF2 Guide 1994