Thong Boy Necro Tutorial?

i heard that he was going to make one,is this true??if it is,then does anyone know when it is supposed to be coming out?and what wil be included?..

thong boy, necro tutorial… cant wait for this.

Well, he said he was a while back. I’m doubtful that it will come out in the next two years. Hopefully it includes the $2000 that he owes SRKers. :rofl:

As much as I want a Necro tutorial from Thongboy, I think it’s gonna take a while. Try taking up 12 in the meantime? THONG OF RAGE

ya you pick up twelve and ill start learning him too. just so we can both wait for that thongboy tutorial to come out. so far blaq and thongboy said they were goin to make a tutorial… damn i might have to beat them to it. no promices on that statment