Thor #3

I just picked up Thor 3 and while I won’t spoil it, all I can say is holy crap. If you thought Iron vs Thor was even going to be a fight, think again.

Good Shit on Thor’s part.

just read it.

I really don’t know how iron man thought he even had a chance to begin with.

Arrogant SOB really though he was gonna tell Thor how things are gonna be.

Good job Thor. We all knew how that was gonna turn out. And the icing on the cake?

“How am I going to get back to base?”


Also are these conversations supposed to take place inside the marvel thread? Or is this cool. Xfactor was meh. New avengers HAHA wolvie’s penis

lol at this comic having it’s own thread (not that i don’t think it doesn’t diserve it)! thor is too strong.

I’m glad they are making Thor a god again.

No more of this namby pamby strong guy who can fly with a hammer crap. He should be fighting crazy interdimensional beings like Dr Strange. Huge Frost giants and shit. Someone who can go toe to toe with the Silver Surfer shouldn’t be fucking around with Ultron.

Bring back the Absorbing man too, and make him a powerhouse.

Really good issue but I still liked the World War Hulk fight better. I mean the WWH fight was 17 pages and the Thor fight was about 7. Just saying…

Still Thor was the best comic I read this week so far. :tup:

SANO IS A FUCKING LIAR!!! The SECOND best comic would be Daredevil #100. Church of Bru, Sano! You already forgot?! For shame!

Anyway, Thor #3 was dope. Holy fuck, did he bring the rape.

Tony: My armor’s fried.

Thor: Then walk…

Verbal rape AND Mjolnir rape.

Sorry! Apologies to the Chuch. :rofl:

Yeah, I’m really liking Straczyski’s run of Thor so far. He actually writes Thor as he should be, as THE GOD OF FUCKING THUNDER.

As for the fight being short, well to be fair, Thor only threw like what, two hammer shots and a bolt of lightning. That shit’s game over. Hulk hit Tony at least a few more times until they fell all the way through Avenger’s Tower :lovin:


Lol I didn’t say the fight was short I said the fight was short in comparison to the WWH fight. You want a short fight see Superman vs. Thor in Avengers / JLA - TWO PAGES! Or Wolverine vs. Sabretooth by J.Loeb… which was sort and on top of that sucky… :tdown:

The artwork is good but the outfit is stupid. I don’t like the way Thor talks either. He’s not supposed to say your it’s thy. It’s not you it’s thee. No means nay. It would seem that Marvel has lost the sense of tradition befitting the god of thunder. Marvel Comics. What a joke.

because a norse god of thunder speaks in old english. MIRITE

Well, Straczynski mentioned it a year before that his Thor run would NOT include norse-speak. And I actually LIKE the costume. While we all have a softspot for the old costume, this one is still just as good.


Ok. It’s just unfortunate that one of Marvel’s best characters has to be written by one of Marvel’s worst writers.

The premise seems dumb to me. Let’s put Asgard on Earth and wonder around finding the lost citizens. How long does that go on? Only until they find the main characters (Balder,Sif,Warrior Three, Loki)? What about everybody else who lived there. It reminds me of a half-assed Dark Cloud.

I’ll keep reading the comic because I’m :lovin: the artwork. Once the artist decides to move on to bigger and better thing$ (probably 6 issues) so will I.

^ Well I liked stracynski’s Supreme Power

we are gonna convene and prosecute sano for his crimes against the church of bru.

this issue was fucking awesone. pretty much everything else has been said. just wow.

oh yea, jms isn’t marvel’s worst writer. that honor goes to daniel way

There are times when you just redeem yourself.

Painy, you beat me to it. Good work.

I’ve been working on my sano voodoo doll for a few days now and I think I’ve perfected it. I’m going to make him suffer. He’s going to encounter a lot of Claremont and Wolfman comics in the near future.

Boo ya.

and way comics. you can’t leave out the way comics

That’s true. I keep forgetting that sano is the one guy we know who reads Origins. Next up, I’m making my sano voodoo doll read Ghost Rider.