THOR movie trailer

it looks absolutely amazing

It looked better in it’s own thread.

Holy shit!!! :pray:

there was another thread?

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gawd damn…why was this a 5 min long trailer? christ. have they heard of teasing the audience.

doesn’t look like what i would expect, but i love the avengers so i’ll for sure be seeing it.

thor seems very un thor like…he seems bored.

i expected him to be shouting more, and talking more like in the Avengers toon movies

hello you are using unregistered weapon technology identified yourself

  • human they will never learn*

yea, he needs to have a booming voice and talk like an arrogant jerk. the MvC3 voice actor has Thor on LOCK

Would you really want that for 2 hours straight? That would make the movie more unintentionally hilarious than serious and good.

Maybe in the presence of familiar foes/ Asgardians I can understand, but him yelling gruffly every scene would be too much IMO.

I dunno. Man, the way Thor talked was an important part of the character. Hell, other characters always chided him for the way he talked. Hell, watch the Avengers animated movie, and compare it to him in this trailer. I’m not insanely disappointed in it and I will still see the movie, it’s just that Thor’s performance seems dialed in.

Also, I am hella terrified at the prospect of the Infinity War being turned into a lame Avengers movie. No matter how cool it will be to see it, if you make the Avengers fight an IG powered Thanos, and leave out the rest of teh awesomeness of the story, I will be fucking pissed

this is like thor year one. hes still rash and arrogant.

this will be a humbling process for him.

Hope they speed up the process for this movie.

well, i didn’t mean that i want it for a whole movie. I just would like to see him more arrogant…he is a god after all