thor/(skrull/hulk)/Wesker video gameplay- tips for me please

hey guys i’ve been practicing a little bit lately and recording a few matches… i would like some tips and to show you guys what i think a badass team is in my opinion :stuck_out_tongue: anyways my channel is

i only have like 3 vids up right now and thats of sweet sweet marvel i’ll post more with gameplay tomorrow. i think i want to keep skrull over hulk and keep skrull on point.

much thanks,
seth of the odin!

For skrull you are not picking up on a lot of his options to extend combos. For example, if you do orbital grudge > fatal buster mash out a L tenderizer > dash forward > c.L > s.M > Launch > MMHS > D+H. Right there is pretty basic for him. As well, plan out your meteor smashes well, they are super punishable if they miss. Your command grabs have some nice range, don’t underestimate command grab H on jump ins.

That looks like a pretty good team, I already play Wesker and Thor so I might pick this up :slight_smile:

For Thor, its good to tri-dash when flying and when air M Might Strike is blocked go for a Mighty Hurricane.