Thor UMVC3 changes

You mean a one-frame move? Im no MVC3 expert but the Hard MH has 1 frame startup according to the bible. It’s just hard to get. I tested out against jabbing players and you can beat em.

yes you are correct about that however;

  1. No invincibility attributes
  2. Extremely small hitbox,

Almost no one uses it to snatch people out of the air, nor for resets. Maybe that might change with a bigger hitbox like maybe MH :m: version? If MP activated at frame 1 instead of 4, AND was invincible from frame 1, I would be happy with that.

Thank you! This is a REQUIRED buff. It has no range, not one person will let be kara’d into, DHC glitch is gone, it’s a grab, and Thor’s ground game is one of the worst in the game so there’s little use in it…so yes, 1 frame start up, and the 1 active frame should be invincible to make up for it.

Now…here are 2 possible ideas to run with as a buff. What you said shouldn’t be buff. That shit should have been that way from Vanilla.

Anywho…my 2 possible buffs scenerio’s from there.

  1. up the damage to 360k or 370k, and make the 1 active-frame invincible, grab ANYTHING that is grounded and within the grab range. It should even grab other invincible hypers that are grounded as well. Too many times has Joe pulled out Mach Speed, and I always pull out MP after his flash, to hopefully grab the little bastard out of his hyper. He doesn’t do it. I know Mach Speed has 36 frames of invinciblity, but c’mon!

  2. Make MP cause ground bounce. MH already sets up for Thor combos…so why not MP?

I agree 100%. I think it needs to have invincible properties and have a slightly larger range. That and as other said buff Mighty Thunder somehow, it’s borderline useless outside of some specific DHCs (and even then it’s slow and hard to DHC into).

Sorry for such last minute timing, but I will be going to LA Fight Club and plan to record some UMvC3 Thor footage. I can test out stuff by request. Post up if you want anything.

We need more testing if on sparks if anything seems faster and the increased hitbox (both seem doubtful to me)

Also see if there is any noticable increase in air mighty hurricane. I’d also like to see if there is better recovery on cr.l at all…
I imagine they didn’t touch damage, but maybe check what his lvl3 xfactor damage looks like.

Test the speed of his normals (I heard on gamefaqs they could rapid fire his light, nothing wrong with confirming even though I doubt it), test the range of all MH’s including air ones. Give us a damage estimate of xfc MT in the air. Can MS :m: otg? How is xfc in the air into MH looking? Does MThunder push back on block? Does MS have a wider vertical hitbox? Does air :h: have less priority (I heard it does)? Does he have anything that has super armor that doesn’t take 45 seconds to charge?

That’s all I got for now.

See how far the different ranges on Mighty Hurricane are. See if Mighty Strike :l: on the ground gives any frame advantage on block, and I realize this is by eye, but try and see if there’s better start up on all of his Mighty Strikes in general, oh and his flight mode too. I doubt they touched flight mode, but the could’ve. Check to see if Mighty Spark still goes over folk’s head. Oh, and look at Mighty Thunder some. See if it pushes back, see if it does damage, see if it’s worth somethin’. Maybe look at Mighty Punish too. See if we got dat ground bounce after it., and then try any and all combinations of :s: you can think of to see if we got a hammer throw.

In short hand.

Mighty Hurricane ranges
Mighty Strike start up/frame advantage
Mighty Spark hit box increase
Mighty Thunder push back
Mighty Punish ground bounce

Thanks in advance. I realize you might not be able to get to all of this, and if not, that’s completely cool with me.

Bring us back good news…

I was talking to RogueYoshi this past weekend. The only thing he told me was faster normals and less recovery on Mighty Spark, said it was spammable now. Personally I what either
a. Faster Normals, Mighty Spark hits crouchers, crouching m gets a larger hitbox for a better anti-air
b. DP like invul on Mighty Smash (so people aren’t throwing you during the move), faster start up on Strike (less time needed for charged would be cool)
c. More reach on Hurricane and a super version of Strike that works like Cap’s Super Charging Star
d. Super Armor on all heavy attacks, Super taunt gets instant recovery

Just a personal wish list…

I didn’t keep track of when the LA Fight Club was so I didn’t realize that it was today otherwise I probably would of gone to it. I hope a lot of good news comes out of any testing and this new build of the game.

Current word is that Thor has a new move… something he tosses up and it circles back to him and can hit you in the back causing hella hitstun… its in the ultimate marvel vs capcom official thread… one guess as to what it is…

Oh man, when I read that, I literally jumped for joy. I’m tellin’ you, my whole week has been horrible up to that point. Now, everything’s right with the world. Please, let this be real life.

I’m excited to see this move as well, I hope it’ll be very useful playing as thor.

If we can do the move in the air and he throws the hammer diagonally downward as well, I think it might help with Thor getting in. I wonder how long it’d take for the hammer to come back.

“Thor has a new move QCF+S which is a variation of Might Spark. It arcs out and upwards to hit the opponent on their head.”

Not rly sure how useful this move is, slightly better zoning i guess.

Ok So its supposedly not his hammer and just a different version of spark that circles around and hits from behind… wtf?

Where did this come from specifically. Im having trouble understanding what this is…

I think it’s Thor’s way to do the OPPOSITE of what your playing thor as. Thor comes at you head on. This attack allows thor to hit opponents from behind (I assume) to change up your playstyle. Imagine it with an assist as well…golden.

Thor already has a diverse move set, so this actually makes sense.

Oops found it " Thor has a new move that looks like a variant of Mighty Spark. It arcs around and hits behind the opponent. It looks like this move has good hitstun, too."

Doesn’t sound too bad. It kind of sounds like a hammer toss to me… maybe the Mighty Spark analogy is a bad one.

To me this is a setup for his command throw… like your very own Captain America shield assist.