anyone read this champ? i hear he is back in uber godlike form, which means i shall be picking him up and enjoying him smash stark

any good/bad things from people that read it

I read it and like it so far nothing realy spiecal so far but somehow the story is just well told atleast thats how i look at it

he kicks a lot of ass right? like totally overpowered thor?

Yeah he’s basically leader of Asgard now thanks to his dad.

Issue after next, Thor is gonna be a part of the Secret Invasion force.

skrulls cant be detected by gods lol.

honstly i dont think this invasion was thought out too well. they just said “hey lets totally rip off battlestar galatica and not care about the consequences”…does that sound bout right?

Oh man plz don’t let there be Skrulls in Thor, let the other Marvel series deal with it but leave Thor the fuck alone.
Anyway…Thor: Vikings was pretty badass and I personally enjoyed it.

I don’t think it’ll be Skrulls infiltrating Asgard. Bear in mind, the Skrulls think that Thor is still dead. So i think his Secret Invasion arc will probably be him figuring out the status quo of whats been going on since his absence and him going toe to toe with some Skrulls.

That and we already know there’s a Thor skrull.

I’m ashamed to admit that I bought that series after I saw the graphic rape.

whats it about?

^A group of 10th century Vikings are magically frozen in time, they then emerge in 20th century New York and literally RAPE EVERY FUCKING HUMAN IN SITE!
Worse thing is; unless a counter spell is used the Vikings are IMMORTAL!

Adam, there’s nothing to be ashamed about buying it for the ‘rape’ as you call it, that book was worth every dime :slight_smile:

Huh never heard of it, how old is that book?

It’s a MAX series by Ennis and Fabry from about '03 or ‘04. Funny and entertaining stuff. You get to see Ennis’ interpretation of Dr. Strange. Great read, although I bet lamey would say something like, “just another example of utter phail by marvels most inconsistent writer.”

Cool, thanks Bruddah. Once I get out of this money rut (even though I just bought a stick…) I’ll see if i can find them :slight_smile:

I almost bought Thor #8 today. Art looks pimp and JMS is writing that stuff. I may cave and get into Thor eventually.

I’d wait for the trade. Issue #8 was basically the end of the Thor’s story of finding everybody from Asgard. Next Issue is Thor’s Secret Invasion tie-in.

I need to track down those Walt Simonson Visionaries books. For Asgard!

There’s a Thor one-shoot coming next week art looks extremly nice

Ages of Thunder was kickass, Thor is too pimp.

Bah you beat me to it, Ages of thunder was amazing
Thor in bed with 6 bitches and then owning frosties too good