Those 1 frame links!



It’s been 3 years now since Vanilla was out I think. I still can’t connect those 1 frame links. Can’t do 2 jabs in a row, or jab to, those happen in random times if I’m lucky. I could do Trial 18. But as I said just random. How can those pro players memorise the gap between those? Maybe I’m out of talent altogether, I don’t know. I have 12k BP but I don’t think if it was Xbox, I would have even 5k. Is there some technic to do those? Please, the ones who can do them any time they want, or most times, give some help. I just want to be able to do them after 3 years instead of eating srks between them.



it’s all finger rhythm and muscle memory. you said you’ve been playing for 3 years so i don’t know how you can’t at least do c.jab>c.jab> with accuracy, let alone c.jab> the rhythm of linking jabs is a bit difficult at first but practice makes perfect.

now if you want to kind of abuse the system, you can plink your jabs with your select button. you can also move your assigned buttons all one to the right (assuming you have an 8 button stick) and plink using the unassigned button. of course all of this is very inconvenient to do and setup and can’t be used in arcades with only 6 buttons.

now you mentioned your online BP and PP so what im suspecting the problem is that you play only online, or at least spend the majority of your time there. you should know that online is VERY crappy for SF4 and 1 frame links. basically, when you’re online, you can’t control the input delays and the latency between you and your opponent. this means that in one game your timings can and probably will be different in your next game. worse yet network speeds fluctuate all the damn time meaning it’s very silly to be expected to land a 1/60th of a second link, in repeated succession, when the correct timing is all over the radar and not fixated.

i suggest you go into training mode and practice there. if you can’t perform it consistently in training mode after a lot of practice then i’d get concerned.


yeah the way I learned it was to go into training mode and just cLP over and over till i got the timing down. It’ll take about a week of doing it an hour a day to really have the muscle memory down (assuming you want to do it fast)

I can knock out any trial in about a minute but If it’s the trial I’m thinking you’re referring to, even I don’t get the 3rd jab consistently. I can get cLP cLP cMP, or cLP cLP, or cLP cMP, but cLP cLP cLP is a tad bit harder for me for some reason. I can usually get it within 3 tries but still. It’s not like every other link where i can usually get it first try


This :’<

Just do as everyone else has said and sit down in training mode. As Juicebox Abel mentioned on his stream. To get X combo into Fuhajin negative edge U2, he practiced it for like, 5 hours solid until he got it down.

EDIT: Oh nice one SRK, erase my entire fkn post!


Yeah, that’s the way it is. I’m in training everyday since AE is out and practiced until Vanilla was out. Maybe my brain lacks that part about 1 frame links :frowning: And I can do every time I try, Dee Jays jab to which also is 1 frame.

In Vanilla there was a player, dont remember his name, who didn’t even main Vega and just chosen it because he loves mirror mathces and he killed me with only 4 jab combos consistently. ıt’s very irritating to see non Vega mainers do that.


well the timing for it isnt much different than other characters, it’s just that the window for doing it is much smaller


well the timing for it isnt much different than other characters, it’s just that the window for doing it is much smaller


i personally just avoid 1 frame links instead. it’s too unreliable for me. unless i can plink a one frame, negative edge it (linking special to special or ultra) or a follow up attack with a FADC, i’ll never put it into my strategy, no matter how much of an advantage you get.


If you dial in the right timing, it will come out fine online so long as your connection isn’t choppy. Play with green-bars, same-region only. I’m pretty certain that SF4 maintains client-side timing for your inputs, meaning minute amounts of latency won’t effect it (this is why if you hit a game-freezing lag spike, the inputs you press will continue to come out after the lag spike until the game re-syncs).

Practice makes perfect, I like to press my jabs a millisecond on the early side so that it is less likely to come out if I misstime it (so I can block mashed shoryus if I drop my combo). Walkup Jab-Jab-MP-ExFBA is great, and you can OS a cr.HK to catch a backdash or mix it up with Kara Throw.


I have searched every where on Vega’s OSs but couldn’t find any other than the obvious crouch tech. And there is an U2 OS in youtube, which is not understandable. Would you tell me the OSs Vega has? And how to execute them.


jump in OS sweep

um… those are the only ones I know… doesnt really matter though because he doesnt have any offensive move with i frames that would beat other characters options.


But how? What do I do to do this OS? SF4 is my first real fight game. So, I know what OS is, but executing them? I mean in that U2 OS video I’ve mentioned, which is:
He says “cr.lp and during this manip I do the ultra, if the stroke affects claw come out ultra” but I’ve tried it again and again, and the U2 comes out whatever happens.

So about this jump in OS and the sweep OS. Can you explain the executions of them?


Honestly I cant help you much there since I dont use OS’s much. I should though


oo, i get it, pretty much just do a move and then an ultra 2 straight after, think of cancelling a move to ultra, it needs to be at that speed. you have to do it fast enough so that if you do hit, you’ll cancel into a flip kick, but if you missed (opponent back dashed), you wont cancel into a flip kick, so after the move finishes, ultra 2 comes out.
to summarize, do a move, pretend it cancels to ultra 2


yeah i think you do it as a just in case type of thing. You input the move as if the first option wont be blocked. I think


Getting a fight stick in a few weeks because I can link all four jabs much easier than on this 360 controller (among several other reasons).


you are just doing it wrong

if you want to master it , go to training and do it 100 times
remember its a link , means that there’s specific timing between the buttons


My problem with c.LP > c.LP is that you can’t plink it at all (except with Select, but who’ll do that?). I usually just go right into c.MP after it.


Double tap jabs. Plink mediums.