Those new Isms

I would like to know which of the Isms aren’t banned in tournaments for Hyper Alpha plus I need to learn how to play this game better in general.

I know that the .VS.Ism is banned for sure but I don’t know about the other ones.

I’m very interested in learning how to use the 3rd Strike Ism correctly for this game as well.

Is there anyone that will help me out?

Or another thread that already has had a disscusion about the new ISM I can look at?

I can’t speak to actual tourney rules for the new ISMs but have played around with them a little. The MvC ISM adds some graphical enhancements and gives ken and air hadou, the 3S ism adds parrying but you only get one super combo. Those are the only ones I think are interesting.

Ah I agree with the 3S one. Ive messed around with it (3Sism) Some more and is it me or can you only parry one thing then do something? I try really hard to parry something like Akuma’s Red Hadoken and I can never parry all 3 hits.

Because you don’t parry with 3S timing, it’s closer to CvS2’s timing… Also you can parry most things high and low…

Do they even play this broken shit in tournies?

I remember reading something a year ago on some official Capcom page that 2 of the 5 new Isms are legal in Hyper Alpha tournaments. The 2 isms that are legal are L and S isms. I do not know which ones those are but Im going to assume the Darkstalkers one and 3S isms. If I am wrong about this then whatever. I just wanted to know more about the new isms.

Generally, anything that banned in A1, A2, or A3 is banned in HSFA.

Autoblock (because it’s fucking stupid)
Shin Akuma type stuff
Those weird A3 modes (mazi, l-ism, whatever they’re called)
…and HSFA CE-ism. (pink-ism)

General consensus is CE is stupid broken good. Mainly because of the HUGE damage and HUGE dizzy potential. You can kill someone with 4 button press combo with some characters. for some examples.

But, to be honest, I don’t think anyone really knows if CE should be banned. It IS stupid fucking good, but at the same time, so is a lot of other stuff. CE also has weaknesses. People really haven’t played this game enough to flesh out tiers or anything fully.

So im still stuck not knowing which Isms arent banned for HSFA tournaments. Its cool. However if 3Sism isnt banned Ill find some characters I like on it and get good from there.