Those who did not get EVO rate for HOTEL... where you staying at?

i just want an idea of where everyone is going…

i think im going to book a room at Hooters for wed thu… shit is like $50 a night.


no disrespect to EVO staff by us trying to look for other places to stay, but seriously… that thurs night fee is one hell of a buttfucker.

the svgl/salinas crew is gonna be staying at arizona charlies. its about 7miles from the RR i was told rates are $64 for the weekdays and $124 for the weekends. hope to see some more heads there. lata

That’s less than a mile away from CyberPunx (Vegas best Arcade), but AZ Charlies is a dump.

I’ll be staying at the New York New York. If I go to Vegas for EVO. It’s only like 20 or 30mins away from the RED ROOF which isn’t a bad cab ride.

Hooters hotel is a good one. Try to get Bayview rooms cuz the ceiling in Ocean View is really low. I met Miss June there last month…hot and really tall.

I’m staying at the Polo Towers between the Aladdin & MGM Grand.


Phil: that’s not to far from the New York New York. Matter of fact it’s right across the street. What games do you play?

suncoast is

i dont think im allowed to the post link but a simple google search or or or any of those have good rates.

Apparently there’s a ‘free’ shuttle from the strip to Red Rock. That’s what I’m banking on anyway as I seccured mondo cheap fares for Ecalibur lol.

If you have a car, Palace Station is pretty cheap.

If not… I wouldn’t suggest it. It’s about 15 minutes from RR.

Yea it is across the street. I won’t be there til Saturday afternoon though. I’m staying somewhere else, thurs & fri night.

Uhh to make it short and sweet

I play anything (Capcom, SNK, VF, Namco)… but I’m not very good at Marvel & GGXXSlash.


all of MD/VA will be at hooters wed/thurs night. its closest to the airport and its the cheapest on the strip. we taking a cab back to airport then taking the free shuttle to red rock fri sometime. well be trying to hit up as many tittie clubs as possible.

How many of there are you?
Do you have a link?

I was about to go with the Motel 6 across town ($70 fri sat /$34 sun), but I’d like to get some more info on arizona charlies.


I figured as much there was a free shuttle. I was just gonna ask when I got there, but thanx in advance. What games do you play homie since the ecalibur is right across the brigde, maybe we can get some games in. I see Ibuki in your av, but that might not mean you play 3s though.

you’re trippin, nigga! we ain’t staying at that peice of shit. lol

I found some hotel through expedia that was like $50 a night for a 2 bed room, with free trips to the strip… coupled with free trips from the strip to the red rock, it might work out nicely? How often will I be in my room anyway, who cares how crappy it is (and anything with Plasmas can’t be that crappy)

^ period

steve… what hotel?

Just a heads up guys. The Red Rock shuttle that goes to the strip drops off and picks up right across the street from Treasure Island. (at some mall or something)

Yeah, theres a shuttle bus from Red Rock to the Fashion Show mall on the Las Vegas strip. GVR had something simular. I think the bus is only open to guests. The last trip the bus makes from RR to the strip is 7 pm.