Those who donate to a fighting game kickstarter should be seen as investors


There appears to be alot of indie developers trying to kickstart their fighting games after the success of Skullgirls. Beast Fury, Chainsaw Incident, MLP fighting is Magic to name a few. I understand the developers of these games aren’t huge companies. But I think they should treat those who donate as investors.

What they’re doing is for profit. They are attempting to make money off their game. If people put money into the development of a game, those same people should see some of the profits should the game turn a profit.

Also from the developer’s side they’re hurting themselves. By resorting to crowd funding for their fighter. They have to listen to the inputs of those who know little about what makes a fighter. If they feel the developer isn’t listening they’ll stop supporting. Their at the mercy of the average gamer who knows little about fighters.

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Yes because developers/publishers make games purely out of the kindness of their hearts for free and the game industry isn’t a multi million dollar business, how dare indie developers with no money attempt to make a living achieving their dream!

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Honestly, if they don’t have money to begin with, how are they gonna get the resources to make the game?
Crowd funding is made specifically for people like that, those who dont have the funds on hand, but believe that people will believe in their dream.
It’s different when there’s a multimillion dollar company like Harmonix who has to crowd fund their new game. If you’re already established, and you want to make something, use your resources. If you don’t, ask for the initial start up cash from Kickstarter.


Do, you know how expensive it is to make a game? Software, SDKs, and man labor alone is going to cost a pretty penny. I guess you think dudes are going to somehow make that type of money at a regular job, and somehow pay the bills and and buy (Software, SDKs, hire voice actors, etc… with their pay check from a 9 to 5?

Amen to that. These are the same people that are support sf4 super duper remix 2x from a corporation that have little to no passion for making fighters, yet expect indie developers to make a game simply “for the love of it” like somehow that in itself is a resource in itself.


You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about… crowdfunding is mainly rallying interest for a product, it’s about getting people to vote with their money on products they’d like to see and helping them become a reality. They are not entitled to any return on their investment and fully understand the risks involved. Essentially what they’re doing is preordering a product early. And furthermore they don’t have to take any input from people if it clashes with their vision. They’re advertising their own ideas and having contributing people alter them into something completely different would be disastrous for them. It rarely ever happens this way.

Also you don’t seem to take into consideration the fact that game development is hard and costs a lot of money. Without financial capital people’s game ideas will stay ideas and never move beyond that phase. Without crowdfunding, if you want to make a game by yourself then that means you have to either do everything by yourself (art, programming, sound, etc.) or work in the industry for decades and hopefully find contacts that will be able to help you. Neither of these options are desirable for obvious reasons.


I agree with everything but the bolded. I think that there should be some sort of refund policy (how this would be enacted, I’m not sure) in case a project goes to shit. Also, there are plenty of people who don’t have a clue to some of the risks, namely, the fact that a project could fail and their money would never be seen again.


A refund policy with kickstarter is not feasible. A game could be cancelled for any number of reasons and the developer or kickstarter itself would have to refund people out of pocket, which would quickly bankrupt both of them. Sure, there might be the occasional scammer, but what if the game gets cancelled for reasons beyond their control and they can’t refund the money because they’ve already spent it? A huge number of factors could go wrong. Thus the idea of a refund policy with kickstarter is untenable.

It should be obvious from the very beginning that you are taking a gamble with your money by pledging to any kickstarter, it’s essentially the same as throwing a coin down a wishing well.


To add on, pretty much all the indie fighting games that have been popping up lately, all of them wasn’t successfully, except for beast fury. So, people aren’t just throwing out money out there like that blindly. So, I can’t understand the OP being concerned about it.


OK first of all I’ve been playing fighters since SF2T and MK 2 so don’t come at me with that 09er crap. Did you people even read my post? I have no issue with people making money off of their games. My issue is people asking for their games to be funded for free. Then selling it and making money while the people who financially supported the game get none or that money.

The people who support them should be treated like investors is what I’m saying. When the “dream becomes a reality” the people who financially supported the dream should be thanked financially.


They’re not “funding it for free”, they get a copy of the game or a variety of other incentives depending on their pledge. Free would be giving them money and not asking for anything in return.


BB_Hoody, have you ever used Kickstarter before? It seems like you don’t understand the fundamental concepts behind the service.


Never change, SRK :rofl:


The only type of donations you should have a problem with is “players” making donation drives, because they feel like they are entitled to it(rather they already have sponsors or not), because all they want to do is mash buttons and sit on their ass and not get a JOB. That’s the only type of donation drives that are truly fucked up and retarded, that’s something to be concerned about, since those people aren’t giving you shit back once they win money. Want to be a investor? Whenever crazy donations to a player to travel to enter a tournament, which is basically a vacation for free, demand a cut of their tournament win.

But, if you have indies that are making a product, truly need the funds to make a dream into a reality, plus their giving you the copy of the game along with other shit anyways, that’s a problem?


@BB_Hoody‌ proving that my 1st impression of him was right.

This is why allowing new members to create new threads is a bad idea, hell, i would even say allowing them to post without having a group of people judge if is something of value.


OK after looking more into kickstarter, which I should’ve done in the first place so I fail for that. I see that they do reward those who donate depending on the amount. So kickstarter is not a bad idea. But I feel when someone is kickstarting a game or something to be sold. People that are donating should be investors. If people put money into something that turns a profit. They should get some of that money. That’s just the way I see it.

P.S. I edited my OP to reflect this.


Yep, you are an idiot.


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They get the game with extras, perhaps? Is that a good enough answer?
And besides, If a company is using kickstarter it’s because of the lack of resources. It may become a profit, but probably not as much as you are probably thinking (specially if we are talking about fighting games, speciafically). This ain’t activision, Ubisoft or EA we are talking about. It’s a indie company trying to succeed in life. Hell, some of the companies that use kickstarter don’t even have their own office.
Gaming business has a lot of costs. A lot of them.


While the FGD forums can be used for many excellent things, using them to discuss one’s opinion Kickstarter business model is pretty much out of bounds. Take that kind of discussion to GD. :tup: