Those with fighting stick 3 hori

my joystick isn’t static, meaning i can spin it in its spot indefinately

is this normal for hori or do i have a fucked up stick

i think thats normal, the stick acts as a shaft on the levers its not physically screwed into anything,

its held in place by springs and washers and i think the black part labelled #4 like in this link

picture is for reference only.

Yeah that’s normal. Sanwas are like that too and as far as i know so are most sticks. Part of the reason is so you don’t unscrew the shaft by accident (had a cheap stick that once kept doing that).

It moves because if it stayed still then doing circular motions would require you to keep your wrist still while the free motion allows for a rotation of the wrist. Be it a slight rotation it still helps. That’s what I think at least.


That too :stuck_out_tongue: