Thought Experiment: When would you be born?


Imagine that you had a choice when you would be born. You can be born anytime in recorded history up to the present. However, you have an equal chance to born as any human at that given time, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality of origin, etc.

So when would you want to born? Try to be specific within a decade or so.

Why would you want to be born at this time? What might be the potential risks? Try and justify your decision with any available facts. Remember to take the state of the world at that time into account.


Are we being born with the knowledge a human in that time would have?
Or are you saying we’ll be reborn into a period of our choosing with our memories intact?


You make your choice with the knowledge you have now.

After you are born you start over.


I’d be born 15 years earlier so I could better take advantage of the Dot.coms, Kentucky Derby, and 9/11. Anything beyond that is bleh because chances are, I would still be born a minority.


Also, Quantum Leap, REALLY, REAAAAAAALLY?!?!?


but then why would we want to be born then since we would have no knowledge of the present thus meaning if we choose a period to begin with it would not mean anything anyway

choosing a period to be born would be pointless if we couldn’t retain our knowledge from today’s time period


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So basically starting life over as a new person.
I’d probably want to end up somewhere in the prohibition era. Always wanted to play detective and solve cases, maybe buddy up with The Untouchables… Or be a gangster, who knows.
The risks? Besides getting riddled or dying of some disease… War. Poverty. Depression.

I do like the technology and modern advances we have in this day and age though. I can’t really see myself choosing to reincarnate to somewhere in the past unless I was about to die… But if it was the future I’d make that decision in a heartbeat. Unless it was post-apocalyptic.


I love the '80s too much… I’d just be born slightly later so that I could be slightly younger than I am now, but still have been a kid during that era. It wouldn’t be wise to go back to much earlier times in American history (e.g.-- those “roaring” '20s), especially with the chance of being reborn as anything other than a white person. Plus, you’d miss out on the cool tech stuff like television, video games, internet porn, etc.

The screwed up thing is not also having control over where in the world you are born though… what if you’re born in the Amish community… or perhaps some random third-world country? That’s an instant game-over right there… that’s when reincarnation goes horribly wrong. If I were born in say, Sudan… I’d rather just not be born at all then. It would be funny if a baby born in one of those places looked around and said " aw man… goddamnit… could someone just shoot me right now please? I’m already giving up on this place."


[quote=“Matriarch, post:3, topic:160477”]

Oh crap, didn’t read that. That is pretty much the same as just dying and being reincarnated into the past. Gonna pass on that because dying sucks.


I’d choose not to be reborn.

  1. In Quantum Leap the guy could only leap to his own life time.

  2. In Quantum Leap he retained his memories.

  3. In Quantum Leap he never went to other countries.

  4. In Quantum Leap he had no choice where or when he leaped to.

  5. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

It’s a thought experiment in social justice. Because you have an equal chance to be born as anyone, you want to reduce the amount of potential injustice you might face.

Modern times might be tempting, but consider there are more people in poverty and starving right now than there has ever been in the history of humanity. You have a lot of potential for a really hard life.

So how does it feel that you had an equal chance of being born in the Sudan as you did here in the US? I find it interesting you’d just rather not be born than try and make things better in places like that.


Here is a more thought provoking question.

If you were an anime character, who would you want to be voiced by?

I’m gonna go with either Kazuya Nakai or George Nakata.

My character would be an anthropomorphic shark that flies around eating teenagers and loud mouth feminist. Also members of Peta.


The 1960s. I would seduce June Palmer, which would significantly reduce the injustice of not being able to bang June Palmer.


You have potential for a hard life no matter what choice you pick really.
Really it’s all about picking an era with the least amount of bullshit, or one you feel like you want to live in or profit from the most and praying you don’t get conceived in a bad part of the world.

Like “I wanna kill Hitler!” Put me 20 years before World War II!
Born in Japan.

Is this even a serious question.



Oh boy…


I wonder what race people would choose if they also had that option in the “Reborn elsewhere…” scenario…? I think at least in modern times, this isn’t quite as important as the financial situation of the family you’ll end up being born to… one might think of “yeah, I’d choose to be a white guy next time”, and bam you get born to some poor white teenage couple living in a trailer park somewhere in Alabama…cue up the Price is Right Losing Horn right there. It would still be a gamble that could go horribly wrong. (*one might have a better shot choosing to be born to an Asian+White person couple, or perhaps an Indian couple… and of course, even that isn’t an absolute guarantee.)

*Hell yeah, without question I would choose to be reborn as some super-rich trust-fund baby… perhaps the son of a successful Hollywood couple…then I go on to have more money at 18 than most people will ever accumulate in a lifetime of working…and I could also then be famous just by being the son of that famous actor/actress. (an E! reality show cash-in, produced by Ryan Seacrest = Mo’ Money, mo’ money mo’money!) It would be fannnntastic.


If I was born pre 80s then Id be in a time where women wouldnt feel insecure enough to shave everyday.
If I was born any later then Id be a 90s hipster Ahole.

Ill stay an 80s baby thx.


I would choose to be born about 20 years earlier so that I could get into the video games industry right around the time the NES took off.


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Do i can reincarnate on an era where the technology to be an immortal cyborg is present?

Actually he did, remember the chapter where he replaced a black dude nicknamed Lucky that was on the same platoon of his brother on Vietnam.

I will go with George Nakata