Thought I was ready to mod my Mayflash and now I'm back to square one

Hi everyone.

I bought a Mayflash and quickly realized that’s the overall quality is pretty crap. I bought it because it was affordable and I wanted to see if I actually liked playing SFV with a fightstick (which I absolutely do). So I decided to mod it.

I just got my Sanwa OBSF buttons and JLF joystick in the mail. I found a guide on youtube that walks me through it and I thought I was ready.

Until I opened it up. The board in there is not the one in the video, it’s not even the other ones I’ve seen.

As soon as I saw that ribbon cable, I knew I was in trouble. I have no idea if this is common ground, how to remove the hot glue holding the ribbon in place, if I can carefully cut the ribbon and splice the wires to my Sanwa buttons, anything.

Any help would be appreciated. Am I freaking out over nothing?

Thanks in advance.

It looks like you have this stick, is this correct?

If so, here are a couple of threads to look through:

Hi thanks for the reply. I’ve spent the night combing both of those threads (the second one specifically) but, unless I overlooked something, I can’t find the answer to my questions. The ribbon cord and if the board is common ground (and if I can use the harness that came with the JLF) specifically. Plus a lot of those pictures are gone since the thread started 7 years ago.

Looks like I’m a little late to the party.

the buttons are common ground, the joystick is not.
You have to cut the traces on the JLF PCB and solder directly to the miroswitches. No you cannot use the harness.

You will need to dremel out some of the molding for the stick to fit. If you screw it into the plastic, you have to be careful not to go too far or you will poke through the top of the stick. It really needs a spacer or it sits too high.

The button holes need to be widened slightly with a dremel too.

Honestly the amount of work isn’t worth it for most. If you dont have any other options then I hope you are successful

That’s great, thank you!

One last question. The ribbon wire that is attached to the board, would it be better to completely remove it and solder directly onto the board or can I splice the wires together if I separate each one from the ribbon and hook it to the button wires?

it is easier and a lot cleaner to desolder the ribbon and solder directly to the board.

Ok great. thanks for your help!

there is an alternate way to mount the stick here

Thanks again :smiley: